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Petition for the boys banned after Kilmarnock.

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As some of you may be aware, Rangers Football Club have banned anybody who has been charged by Police Scotland in relation to the celebrations after Connor Goldson’s winner during the above fixture. I

I fucking hate you with passion and I don't even know you.

It’s shite like this that’s making me hate modern football, and the world in general. Now I’m only 45 but fuck me im chuffed as fuck I’m not growing up in this new offended at everything, gender neutr

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14 minutes ago, bigsasasfloopyhair said:

Are they good cunts? 

If one of them is @Steelydan1690 then I think the ban is fair enough tbh. 

I joke of course. Signed. The club are turning into wee Nicolas henchmen sadly. 

Only heard this evening about one boy, only met him once but know his family. Proper decent lad and who should be the future of our support, now he’s left to run the gauntlet and hope he’s not spotted going to watch the team he loves. Absolute shambles. I’m totally fucking amazed to hear this has went on, and it’s the one downfall of having such a huge fan base, club could do this with any amount of cunts and never worry about filling the ground. 

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9 minutes ago, born a blue nose said:

Surely you’re as well trying though? You’ll never get anywhere in life if you don’t try. 

Hopefully this pics up pace Soprano mate 👍

Spot on. Do something you’ve a chance to change it, do nothing and at best it stays the same or more than likely it’ll get worse 

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