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*****The Official Rangers V Hearts Thread*****

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Tavernier just cannot win. Its plain weird how some of our support love getting on his back.

You talk utter pish.

Welcome back Scotty Arfield

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11 minutes ago, KBOO72 said:

Robbed of another 1 minute to try and increase our goal difference. Not the first time it's happened this season either. 

Would not have mattered had THEM not benefitted from an extremely dodgy penalty and having a perfectly good goal against them disallowed for a reason known only to the ref. We will really have to get a memo out to the refs about the Masonic/Orange conspiracy, and how they are failing to apply it's directives.

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1 minute ago, STEPPS BOY said:

Great result without getting out first gear and good to see our Captain back to his best.

Totally agree, yes he can be a ticking timebomb defensively but he has been a great player for us and I will just love it if I witness him raise the trophy over his head next Sunday, he deserves it, we deserve it.

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3 hours ago, FlippinEck said:

Agreed and it's certainly not his finishing that's let him down. He's been off the pace when getting balls played to him, he's been quick to get rid of the ball and because he's played out wide when he does get the ball there he's been unable to run with ball. Can't cover the ground that the likes of Jones/ojo will. He's been living on last seasons end of season performances. 

Much better today. I think he's a lot better when played deeper! 

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6 minutes ago, KBOO72 said:

Eh, what? 

Just the way it is with some people and Tav. We all know that he is not the greatest defender in the World and that he has cost us goals, however he has scored and created way more than he has cost us. If we win the LC next Sunday you will have some people raging that he  did not lift the trophy in the correct manner.

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