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If we play that well for the rest of the season - we win the league

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2 hours ago, bluebell82 said:

I don't think its a case of we don't have the right mentality, yesterday was just a case of they had a gk who had the game of his life. Its fine margins, he could quite easily have dived the other way for Morelos' penalty and we'd be saying what a great penalty it was and how Morelos coped with the pressure. It does add abit more pressure going into the game at the piggery, that's a must win i think.

Its to do with the fact that against ten men we were honking, worse than that, i honestly wish they didnt go down to ten men because there would have been less expectations on the team and they might have done something, instead for the last half an hour most of the players on the park shat the bed

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As much as today's result hurts , our performance was outstanding imo. and if we play that well in every match until the end of the season - we win the league imho.   Their keeper won them t

plus they might actually play with a recognised striker from the start at Parkhead.  Don't kid yourself that they will be that shite again.  We blew a golden opportunity today

That’s very wrong. Today was a great example of why they’ll win the league and we will fuck all 

21 hours ago, Tiger Shaw said:

No we won’t they’re well ahead on mentality they get all the breaks and their keeper is a big fanny who puts in displays like today when it matters, not a one off or game of his life as been said he does this regularly In big games for them fuck knows how we change this. 

His 2 saves last 5 mins against Lazio were outrageous

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On 08/12/2019 at 17:18, Valance1690 said:

Honestly get this thread to fuck

The players are a bunch of shitebags who dont know how to win when it betters backed up by a manager who hasn't got a winning mentality 

The taigs will romp the title from here 

Absolute pish .

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If only... 

Play like that and we won't get another point. Aye we played well but never took the chances. They went down to 10 and we still weren't interested. They won the trophy. We didn't. If that's a league game they get 3 points and we get he fuck haw.

Play like that and we can forget about the league. We have already dropped points to the sheep based on a similar performance! We bossed them around and shat it. The players + Gerrard need to wake the fuck up if they want any chance of winning the league. Not holding my breath though. They will probably bottle it. Hope to fuck I'm wrong but these players inspire no confidence in me. 

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