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Post Match Interviews

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1 hour ago, Marky. said:

Tavernier’s interview does sober you after the emotions of the game.

An offside goal, a keeper in inspired form, and a generally good performance from us is the reality of the game. They got the goal that we couldn’t get, and it should not have counted. We had the chances to take the lead but their goalkeeper and our finishing didn’t allow us to do so on this occasion.

Its hard because it’s so soon after the game, but this is one that hurts so bad because it seemed an unlikely outcome on the basis of the game. They’ve won the cup by having three players offside, it was one that should have been seen by the officials.

I hope anyone who says the players don’t care actually watch that video. He is clearly hurting, you know.

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16 minutes ago, B1872 said:

Especially when you look at the abuse Sutton gave him prior to kick off as well.

Tbh it’s the height of professional disrespect. It’s trolling, yes, but it’s also out of order.

I watched the carpool show BT did, and oddly, one of the nice themes from that was healthy respect. Rivalry, yes, but respect off the park. This day and age that has completely gone which is sad. Sutton’s comments are unwarranted and I’ll be glad to see the back of BT to see the back of him, despite the general consensus that they do produce the better content than Sky for Scottish football.

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