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Why can't we hold on?

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We sit back and invite pressure. I’ve said so many times defending a one goal lead is madness.

A lack of genuine quality

They did change their game second half, I predicted it in the match thread, we should be ready to handle that kind of change. What angers me is we had the exact same experience against the sheep

Inviting pressure far too much and horrendous at defending set pieces 

Think the last good goal someone actually scored against us was the boy at Porto sticking it top bin from outside the box since then we’ve conceded 6 goals that I can think of (2 Aberdeen, 2 Feyenoord, Scum and YB) and every one of them have been comical defending apart from the blatant offside 

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5 minutes ago, bluenoz said:

Tactics? A very unlucky streak?

Obviously there are many factors and some will laugh at the suggestion, but luck doesn't help us very often!

I think most of the goals we concede just come down to poor defending at times. However the amount of horrible, jammy goals we concede is crazy!

I think they had one header that McGregor saved easily. Other than that I don't think they threatened much.

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I don't know if it's in the players subconscious now, but against Aberdeen you knew we weren't winning that game when it went 2 all, against the tarriers you just knew they were going to score with their only chance and tonight you just knew we were going to give something away the deeper and deeper we dropped. Once our effort and intensity levels drop we really struggle to raise them again and we lack a real character to drag the team through tricky spells, much like Gerrard himself did many times.

I think a lot of our squad are running on empty though, but they need to dig deep, put in a few massive performances over the next couple of weeks and hopefully recharge the batteries for a real title challenge after the winter break 

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14 minutes ago, BlueKnight87 said:

We just seem to lose our composure. We play some good stuff like first half. tonight.

But then we get sloppy and end up inviting on more pressure. We struggled to hold onto the ball 2nd half. 

It seems like we are in total control then give away a sloppy pass under no pressure whatsoever and invite the opposition on to us when they aren't even in the game. This happens too often in games that  we are/should be strolling. 

It is so frustrating but I believe it is coming and we are slowly getting closer to being a team that can dominate the opposition and take even half of the multiple chances we create every single game, regardless of who we are playing.

Keep believing 

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4 minutes ago, Rlm said:

Look at last couple of games Aberdeen/celtic....not seizing the opportunities even though we are playing really well. If we can nail that then nothing will hold us back.

We should have won our last 3 games at a canter.  Yes, we didn't but I like the way we are getting in about teams and the number of quality chances we are creating in every single game. 

I'd be far more worried if we were just playing turgid, pish football every week.


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