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I've no idea. I'll never step foot in their after the shite about trying to get people and their companies named after a wee Jay joke   Honestly fuck the louden 

Just noticed the time on the telly in that video. Cunts were actually drinking in a Rangers pub while their own team were playing at home

Honestly the strangest bunch of cunts ever. See if u tried to explain them to some foreign cunt that knows nothing about this country they wouldnt believe us.  

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4 minutes ago, Rfc52 said:

Mate imagine we were aw in :lol:

They'd be tasting their maws aff oor boabies 

What’s the script here mate did they get told to get to fuck after their wee sing song or where they allowed to stay and sold more drink, was there no Bears in to send them on their way? 


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14 minutes ago, falkirkNS said:

Day seen him n his wife finger pointing out to cops who was singing....add ons simply the best... that was it, never again crossed the door. 

Preferred it when it was rebel stadium bar tbh, up the back bouncing through the roof... only then was last gasp stop for quick booze before into Ibrox.

Has the  cheek to play loyalist CDs... stick by yer guns shitebag, indeed fuck the Pope n the IRA, n fk stratchclydes finest tae. The great offended and shitebaggery. 

He’s a bully bastard never points out anyone that will face him up

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36 minutes ago, hammer93 said:

Sorry the mentally retarded are the cunts sitting wae their red,white and blue hats on and doing fuck all....maybe I'm just an auld cunt noo

Don't worry mate, I agree, the cunts should have been booted up and down copland road and I'm an auld cunt as well.  

Fuckin disgrace they weren't scudded or at least chucked oot the place by staff. 

The day we go down the pally fans route like a lot of leagues is the day I chuck the fitbaw mate. 


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2 hours ago, SeparateEntityMyArse said:

As long as it's not naughty Rangers songs anything goes 

100% That’s that place al over the back. Back stabbing turn coat fucks. Give us ur £ but don’t swear or say anything mildly offensive. 


wouldn't be surprised if they were behind the everyone anyone campaign 

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