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I've no idea. I'll never step foot in their after the shite about trying to get people and their companies named after a wee Jay joke   Honestly fuck the louden 

Just noticed the time on the telly in that video. Cunts were actually drinking in a Rangers pub while their own team were playing at home

Honestly the strangest bunch of cunts ever. See if u tried to explain them to some foreign cunt that knows nothing about this country they wouldnt believe us.  

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43 minutes ago, GA1972 said:

Absolutely shocking that they weren’t chased from there 

Will admit I end up in the Louden after games quite often despite the bad rap it gets more as a matter of convenience than anything else, don’t leave early for the subway so it’s easy to go there until there’s no subway queue left but I will think twice about it now 

Get yourself in The Corker mate. 

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I’ve been in the place once and it was a Sunday after doing the tour. Had a mate over from South Africa and the staff couldn’t have been any nicer , showed him all the stuff they have and allowed him access to get some photos. It’s not a pub for me as too busy but they provide a service that seems to work as it’s always rammed and the ex players nights always sold out. 

Though that said the owner comes across on the internet as a bit of a tit 

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No problem with people making money out of fellow fans. It's a good thing and I am all for fully supporting Rangers boozers but I find the prices expensive.

The louden along the road is cheaper. This is the same one he used to run and pull people up for singing but since other ppl have took over they have had no issue with any songs.

Guys just a total prick and I wont go into detail about him been  grass and the rest.


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50 minutes ago, bigsasasfloopyhair said:

East enclosure? From Airdrie? 

A big fella that sat beside us (Wellhouse bus) in Govan front (mid 90's) used to say that every game and he was from Greengairs, I  moved section in 2001 to get two seats together with my wee fella and don't know if he remained there.

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Just now, 2nd Flute said:

Not registered on FF mate, but like a read at it, lots of right good Bears on there, but he comes across as a tit, as someone said earlier. 

100% mate, his arrogance is astounding. I drank in KP when he had that gave that up when you were getting chucked out for certain songs, now bus drops us there and I’m every home game after he got rid a while back. 

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