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3 minutes ago, Courtyard Bear said:

Sutton should know better than to stir the pot up here it will lead to deaths because his audience aka the fenian horde are all mentally unhinged as it is. 
The man really is a complete bottom feeder. 

He's a troll mate and the finest example of the utter hypocrites around scum fc. 

I said to some mates this morning if this is the fallout from a lose to us at the chamber of horrors, what's 55 going to be like. 

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Whilst Sutton is having a meltdown , Alfie is back home raising money for his charity foundation and helping kids ,   

Two sayings come to mind after the ramblings of Sutton .... Hartson .... English and the rest of the greeting faced fenian affiliates. "People who live in glass houses .... shouldn't throw stones

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21 minutes ago, Billythebear77 said:

There’s a video of the taigs playing Dundee Utd from a few years back, Wanyama scores and does the same gesture as Alfie done on Sunday, it funny no uproar from Sutton, English and Stewart about that? 

They’ll have to back-pedal furiously. Oh wait, they’ll say Alfie did it numerous times but Wanyama only made his gesture once, or some such shite. Or it was heat of the moment after a goal etc etc. (Wait, Alfie was red carded for that too.....)

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15 hours ago, BlueKnight87 said:

Sutton is and always will be a complete prick. 

A 5 match ban get to fuck.  Let's see if sutton will comment on the racist abuse morelos got from the horde or will he blame the victim just like his stinking club. 


I remember ‘Tonev’ was banned for racially abusing Shay Logan, their club came out backing him almost immediately after the accusation was made prior to investigation, even now their fans boo him. Despicable lot...

And to address your first point, he certainly is...


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20 hours ago, five stars said:

And Christie was rushed to hospital after Morelos challenge! 😂

Article fails to mention that it was Christie who fouled Morelos.

And the fact Christie walked away from that challenge, carried playing the game anonymously, and was booted in the balls by Lennon in the change room for missing the penalty lol!!  Don’t you know turn it up, Christie fucked it up!!!

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Best policy is to simply ignore the cunt.

However, when he inevitably starts about Morelos diving he should be shown this clip and asked to explain himself.....

goes down hellova easy for a bloke standing 6’ 3” tall


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