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*****Official Killie v Rangers Match Thread*****

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Pray for the disabled section 

Not for me to decide, but if he wasn't Steven Gerrard he'd have every fan breathing down his neck. The obsession with 4-3-3 is pathetic. The lack of urgency to make a change when it's quite

I like Gerrard but it's becoming hard to defend him.

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Just now, frazer89 said:

how can we do well up to the winter break, then start playing like we've never met one another before its fucking baffling wtf is the coaching staff doing on these fucking trips abroad.

Because it dawned on them they had a chance and they have bottled it. 

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4 minutes ago, Courtyard Bear said:

First one contact pull on the arm

Second one a clear push 

Goal should’ve stood. 

But you would rather slaughter him, do us all a favour and fuck off to your bed. 
So he scored fuck all in the critical euro matches did he. 

Easy .Its my opinion as I’m sure you have yours  Like many I’m slaughtering quite a few .Who are you talking about ?

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6 minutes ago, eejay the dj said:

Alfredo does not and should not get another one 

That tonight proves he won’t change 

Hate divers and he is doing to our embarrassment 

And his strike rate in crucial matches isn’t good enough .No matter what anyone says 

And he if he hadn’t dived for the first one the goal would probably have stood and we win 2-1.

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6 minutes ago, keithgersbear said:

Real champions don't do that. They keep the foot on the neck.

The players have no belief that they're good enough - for all the little things that happen during one game, way before thinking they can win a trophy.

Champions win like it's a reflex, this Rangers team makes everything look like a struggle.

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11 minutes ago, TMB said:

@Creampuff Get the banhammer out.


16 minutes ago, Thommo67 said:

Oops, can you tell me how I get to the priests forum so I can get another good bumming. 


15 minutes ago, Hadron Collider said:

Get the fuck out of here. Ban this cunt please. 

Press the flag button on his post to report quicker...

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Walter Smith teams had a winning mentality. Scottish teams are shite its about going out there being positive and winning.

In all honesty I cant say tonight's result surprised me. 

The first half was poor and they took the game to us ina way we struggled with.

We need to feed Morelos.

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9 minutes ago, Getstiffed said:

What is this worked us out pish exactly? Can never get my head round it.

These teams aren't doing anything differently to what they done when it was Pedro or Warburton or McCoist or Walter or Wee Dick.

Cunts that think 10 men behind the ball is some new thing that we've just began to encounter :lol:

Its the easiest thing in the world to set youre team up like that. Its how you break it down that counts, or in our case how you don't.

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The decisions that go against us are shocking. I used to say we cant blame the ref cause we played poor and the refs are generally shit all the time. Since the cup final and beating them it just looks like blatant cheating without anything being  questioned.

Apart from that these players dont have the nerve to put up a title challenge or dig in against teams like this.  This was our best chance to win the league and keep pressure on them and refs aside we have bottled it big style. 

Winning things matter at this club and our board should be questioning every dodgy decision win or lose to show that we expect the refs are a at a certain standard. They just rip the piss because we are rolling over and letting it happen.  Look at Alfie the amount of shit he puts up is ridiculous and its all went unchallenged.  Yet when hes misquoted in a sky interview its them thats pushing for action because it makes them look bad. Same with the Thumb dont say anything about him stamping on player, or question his mindset because they will hound you. 

We need to be stronger on the park and off it if we are going to win anything and get back to where we should be. 

Watch us play our our skin against Braga and we cant even beat Kilmarnock, Aberdeen or Hearts.

This is turning into Warburton all over again but just with more expensive players. You can see when the desire has went, no plan b and we aint gonna score or grind out the tough games. 

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Beaton is a wank but we knew already, we knew there would be some dodgy decision and there always is now it seems since he got the ball rolling up at Aberdeen at the start of December.

But like at Aberdeen here's another game we've fucking chucked away by not being ruthless enough. We did well to finally get in front then as usual we try and walk the ball into the net and piss about. We can blame the ref all we like, and we certainly should to an extent, but the longer we leave these games with 1 goal in it the other team always have a chance.

I don't think sometimes being conservative or pragmatic is bad but Gerrard takes the piss. 77 minutes and no sub to either chase the second or consolidate the lead. It's not the first and I suspect it wont be the last time he does it either.

We are (the manager and players) becoming Scotland in a sense. Scotland are okay with not really winning anything as long as there is the odd victory against England. We just now are the same but with celtic.

Just get this season over with already.

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