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*****Official Braga v Rangers Match Thread*****


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2 minutes ago, Laudrup1984 said:

It's shite he missed but Hagi taking the pen is hardly a baffling decision.

He's scored pens before, takes most set pieces and is technically sound. Borna is a very good shout too though.

We're still very much in this. Lots to play for. Fucking come on.

Everyone was creaming themselves when we signed him, oh we finally have a penalty taker, takes them with both feet. 

He was the right choice, regardless of how it went.

Can't throw him under the bus just because he missed one.

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2 minutes ago, RDB14 said:

Game plan has worked to perfection to be fair to Gerrard... Shame Morelos isn’t on, he would run riot if they played a defensive line this high. 

Morelos hasn’t ran a bath since December 26th. 

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1 minute ago, RDB14 said:

This.  I’m glad the whistle went after that tbh, Gerrard will need to pick them back up as the heads may have dropped and Braga would have woken up. 

I'm not, we were on a corner kick, a goal then would have destroyed them.

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Just now, BearInTheToon said:

Seeing that pen back multiple times just makes it look worse and worse. Too close to the keeper, perfect height For him. Neither straight down the middle or into a corner.  Shite pen. Gutted.

Let‘a hope we can actually pull this out the bag but so far, we’re fucking it for ourselves.

didn't think it was a great pen either. 

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Like watching the Dejavu channel.

Some good positivity early doors with two great chances missed and then the penalty. At least the boy had the courage to take and it was a great save by the keeper.

Passing, movement and crossing we revert back to type and just horrendous.

We are getting humped down our right with Tav full of the shitebaggery, hiding, taking no responsibility and MIA. I've seen more urgency in a sloth.

Jack putting in a power work and breaking things up, including doing Tav's job. If he can't keep it up, we could be  introuble.

However, we have 45 minutes to to either hold out or capitulate. Maybe a few moments of brilliance to just seal the tie, so let's see who turns up second half.

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2 minutes ago, RAFREG said:

We’ve been by far the better side with better opportunities. Keep the head Rsngers we can do this. Hopefully wee Kent gets more involved. 

Battle fever on. 

Well said. I think they will get tired as they did in the first leg and we will rip them apart.


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10 minutes ago, Howsitgoing said:

Rangers are playing better than I’ve seen them for ages now, they’re back to creating chances and not just punting lucky balls in from the wings. Optimistic that this will end at least a draw. Should be one up though.

You’re right but by god it’s frustrating - no point in playing this well unless we can put the ball in the fucking net 

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9 minutes ago, Malkytfp1 said:

Fuck up. Boy is low on confidence and doesny need people like you.

He has also got in some great positions and been key to our chances. If he scores that chance he is a hero.

Get a grip!! You can’t keep players on that are playing awful just because they are low on confidence. 

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4 minutes ago, DBBTB said:

If we make a change it should be Aribo for Hagi not Aribo for Kent.

Kent isn’t playing well but he’s been involved in almost everything we have done in an attacking sense even if a lot of it isn’t coming off. Hagi creates that great chance for Kent but has been anonymous otherwise. 

Is it me, or does Hagi appear a bit slow in open play?

Couple of good positions where he’s been clear but got caught.

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