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Massive praise for Gerrards Tactics

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1 hour ago, PromDeAnglais said:

We seen the high line from Braga in the first half. 

Gerrard swaps Kent and Kamberi in the second half. Pace down the middle. That's what got us that goal.

Well done to Gerrard for seeing it, seems obvious now but that is a great tactical change.



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Definitely credit to Gerrard tonight. Narrow forwards constantly cut off the pass into their 2 central midfielders who murdered us for 60 mins at Ibrox. This meant the ball was always pushed wide and allowed Arfield or jack to help out the full backs. Rarely did their wide men get a 1v1 against barasic or Tav. 
I don’t recall them once breaking us down through the middle of the pitch and Edmundson / Goldson were happy to deal with the crosses all night long. 
works well against teams who have a lot of the ball but let’s see what happens against Hearts. 

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Gerrard called it in his post match interview. He gave them a plan but ultimately it's on the players. It's always on the players. We had some huge performances and that is the primary reason why we won, just as when we didn't win against St Johnstone, it was also primarily on the players IMO.

Since Gerrard has come in we've barely looked out of place in Europe. Maybe 20 minutes away to Villareal, 50/60 minutes against Braga, a couple of 5/10 minute brainfarts in Russia and Austria but overall we are very much a solid European outfit. We play well against better players/opposition. 

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