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*****Official Hearts v Rangers Match Thread*****

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I feel sorry for us the fans.  We don't have to feel sorry for a guy who's paid fortunes to win trophies when he continually makes a rip roaring cunt of it 

You’ve spent the last couple of weeks constantly slagging our best players. It’s not exactly hilarious tbh

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I’ve seen a lot worse, but they fckin knew the importance of this game, it can’t be confidence just went and beat Europa League top scorers on their own pitch.

As has been stated fckin criminal neglect, as foe El fckin Buffalo you get days to go home due back and then just fck it up, you must discipline but the cost is maybe they fuckers wi another Treble. Make ye fuckin Boak. 

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5 minutes ago, Number5 said:

This is so bad. 

I like Stevie but under any other circumstances ( them going for 10 ) he would be out of a job.

No trophies again for another season and league done with by March.

It's okay raising your game in Europe every now and again when your the underdog, but the expectation to win games is too big for these duds.


That's the way it appears. Europe is a free hit, they aint expected to do well so theres no pressure. Expectation brings pressure and this lot cant handle it.

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I take it as a slap in the face that the players can serve up 1st class performances in Europe yet serve us that rubbish domestically- it’s like they don’t want to risk losing a title in the last week or lose a final so we’ll do our best to not even get that far.

if Gerrard still hangs his record on goldson,tavernier, Davis Morelos Kent  then he may aswell call it a day.   They are not leaders in any team and never will be. They along with others don’t show the desire or burst a gut in these games where all the opposition want to do is fight,and we can’t fight back.  Too many fairies in the team and too many bottle merchants that moan about teams raising their game vs us yet they do the same in Europe.  If we won in Europe than that would be great but I’d still want a total revamp of what is meant to be our spine as it’s too weak to win anything in Scotland.  I’ve had enough of them 

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The majority of this team as clueless and useless as Waghorn and Windass were.

By fuck it’s hard to keep up the love when this soulless crap is served up by players that either can’t be arsed or are far from good enough (or a combo of both).

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