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Gerrard "This can't be Morelos FC"


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ALFREDO MORELOS was tipped to become the first Rangers star since Ally McCoist to break the 40-goal barrier for a season.

All he’s broke is boss Steven Gerrard’s heart.

Left in the lurch by AWOL Morelos, as Gers crashed out of the Scottish Cup at Tynecastle last Saturday, the Ibrox boss has fired one last shot across the hitman’s bows.

A categoric final warning for a player who went missing in Colombia last week and who hasn’t scored in the league in over two months.

Gerrard said: “It’s not important Alfredo Morelos does the right thing for me.

“It has reached the point where Alfredo needs to do it for the Rangers fans and for his own team-mates who are desperate to be a success.

“This can’t be Morelos FC. This needs to be Rangers FC and every single player that represents the club needs to behave in the right way on and off the pitch.

"They are paid extremely well to be professional and respectful to the club, the job and the fans.

“The supporters follow them near and far every single week through all conditions. They don’t pick and choose their games. So everybody has to realise that and represent the fans in the right way.

“If they don’t there will come a point where we find someone else who will do that.”

Morelos, 23, was left out of Gers squad for the damaging Cup defeat to Hearts, with Gerrard admitting he would have been a cert to start but for his actions.

The striker had been granted permission to fly home to visit his family on the understanding he would return to Glasgow no later than last Wednesday.

Morelos, much to the disgust of his gaffer and team-mates, didn’t turn up until Thursday, leaving Gerrard with no option but to axe and discipline his controversial star.

Ahead of Wednesday’s clash with Hamilton, the Ibrox boss confirmed he’s held clear-the-air talks with the Colombian, who apologised to his team-mates.

Gerrard added: “Alfredo is going to make mistakes. Each player is different. Some need more support than others, some need more guidance.

"People have had different types of education and learning paths to be where they are in life.

“The staff and the players have always been there for Alfredo from day one.

“While he is here we will continue to do that.

“But there is a stage where you need to help yourself and do the right thing for yourself and your family and the supporters — that’s where he is right now.

“I dealt with the situation prior to the Hearts game and I followed it up with a one-on-one chat with Alfredo and told him how it was.

“He has accepted that, he has apologised in the room to myself, the supporters and the players.

“If he decides to do something publicly on that, it is his decision.

“But he did show remorse and regret and disappointment, and he has accepted what has come his way. Now we park it and move forward, and that is what I will do.

“I can’t be a manager that stays stubborn, punishes someone and then continues that. That wouldn’t be fair.

“Morelos has been disciplined internally, which he has accepted, and he’s shown a lot of remorse for his actions and for letting the team down, and letting the supporters down.

“He has accepted his punishment, which will stay private.

“As a club we are united from top to bottom in terms of standards, and what is expected in terms of those who represent Rangers.

“With Alfredo we all know how good a player he is.

“I have gone on record before with what a top footballer he is, and what a top footballer he can be.

“It is my job to give him the guidance and support to get him there as quick as he can.

“Is he going to be perfect? No. Is he going to make mistakes and frustrate me? Possibly. But I need to make sure I do the right thing for him and for Rangers going forward.”

Morelos could return to face Accies. For many Gers fans it’s too little too late, after the Jambos ended their hopes of domestic silverware in the striker’s absence.

Yet Gerrard insisted he had no option but to bin Morelos for the Cup clash.

He added: “You can’t miss a full day’s training just because you want to. I had to do the right thing for the dressing room, not for me.

“If I make a new rule that anyone can miss a full day’s preparation, going into one of the biggest games of the season, and you won’t miss the next game but you might miss the one after — that doesn’t send the right message to the rest of the dressing room.

“It doesn’t send the right message to our kids at the academy either.

“There is a bigger picture behind discipline and standards at the club. Everyone is united from boardroom level down that you can’t behave like that.

“If there is some short-term pain on the back of that, or people think there is, I’ll have to take responsibility for that.”

Steven Gerrard has declared himself “loyal and true” and vowed he WILL turn Rangers into trophy winners.

The Ibrox boss swatted aside quit fears and insisted the only way he’ll leave is if he’s sacked by the board.

Gerrard is in for the long haul as he faces the toughest spell of his fledgling managerial career.

The Light Blues are almost certain to end the season without a trophy for the second campaign in a row under Gerrard, but he is convinced silverware is just around the corner if he’s given more backing this summer.

Gerrard appeared to cast doubts on his future at the weekend after their Scottish Cup capitulation at Hearts.

It came just 72 hours after they secured a stunning victory over Braga in the Europa League and summed up the roller coaster of emotions for fans since January.

Gerrard said: “When I sign up for something I stay loyal and true to that. I won’t shirk or hide from any win, loss or draw.

“I will continue to push and do everything I can from my side to achieve my own personal goals, but more importantly to make these fans happy.

“I’ll never quit. I’ll never shirk a challenge or run away when I sign up for something. I’ll fight as hard as I can for as long as I can.

“If that situation changes for other people and other people take that away from me, that’s a different scenario totally.

“However, as far as my staff and I are concerned our sleeves are rolled up further than they were before and we’ll continue to push.

“I still believe we are closer than some of the opinion out there believes, but I also believe these players need some help and support.

“Everyone from top to bottom of the club needs to continue to push to support that and be as hungry as each other to get there. And we will.”

Gerrard retains the full support of the Ibrox board and directors have reiterated their faith in his abilities in a series of discussions and phone calls since Saturday night.

He added: “I have had a lot of calls since the weekend and the support has been incredible - for me, the players and my staff. There has been nothing about my individual future or future plans.

“It will be interesting to see the reaction of the players. Between now and the end of the season we need to learn who is on board and who is prepared to fight and grind and push together.

“I am ready for the next challenge, which is Hamilton. My job is to find solutions that gives us long-term success.

“Right now I have to identify why we go from Braga’s performance to not doing ourselves justice 72 hours later, but I don’t fear that challenge.

“I am all in. I signed up to something here and I knew there would be real setbacks and this is when the club needs me most to stay on, fight and push forward on the progress we have made in a lot of areas, whilst learning to ensure the mistakes don’t happen again.”

Gerrard is sympathetic to the point of view that suggests his side lacks a physical presence, particularly in midfield, for the aggressive grind of the domestic game.

He assured fans he plans to address it in the summer, but is convinced his first team regulars are not as weak-willed as many have made out.

He added: “I wouldn’t give up on all the players because some people have gone above and beyond. There are a lot of trusted people in that dressing room who I still believe are the right people to take us forward.

“It doesn’t feel like that now because a lot of them didn’t play well at the weekend, but that’s life. You’re going to have those days, but it’s not time to give up on this group.

“The Scottish Cup? It was not good enough and we deserve criticism. I feel for the players in the League Cup because they did everything they could to get that first trophy.

“That’s all we’re short of, that first trophy, that first feeling of winning together, but there’s zero criticism because they gave everything and left it out there.

“In Europe, they’re above the curve and further on than I thought they’d be and we’ve had credit for that and rightly so.

“In the league, for the first six months we were fine. The inconsistency has returned, which is frustrating and disappointing, but we need to push game by game and feel a bit better about ourselves.”

Gerrard revealed Ryan Jack and Scott Arfield will miss tonight’s game and are doubts for Sunday’s trip to Ross County.

He said: “Ryan Jack has got a bruise underneath his heel so he won’t be involved tomorrow.

“We are waiting for news on a scan for Scott Arfield, he is a big doubt for the weekend. (Filip) Helander is due back in full training on Friday as will Matt Polster.”

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26 minutes ago, Smile said:


I can't argue with any of that. It sounds like they've all sat down and aired their grievances, and are trying to implement some sort of short term plan. 

I 'd like this quote of his on a scarf  “I’ll never quit. I’ll never shirk a challenge or run away when I sign up for something. I’ll fight as hard as I can for as long as I can. 


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5 minutes ago, Blue Avenger said:

Fuck, I read it totally different. That was all for public consumption  with all the right things said.

Beneath it, he is damaged goods and gone.

Yes, that my take on it he's become too much hassle for Rangers and Gerrard.

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Just now, crazy bob swollenbaws said:

Agreed. Sick of his childishness

One step forward two steps back with him. 

If he can remain focussed, keep his physicality, remove his petulance and multiple dives per game he will go to the top.

Not for a minute saying he’s finished here, that’s just a prediction that we will sell him and rejuvenate the squad with the cash.

The physical condition he returned from the winter break in is nothing short of criminal.

Hopefully he gets worked hard in training until the end of the season. He will soon find his form again when fit.

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5 hours ago, Blue Avenger said:

Fuck, I read it totally different. That was all for public consumption  with all the right things said.

Beneath it, he is damaged goods and gone.


He’s blew it and will be offloaded in the summer. 
I’m sick of reading about Morelos for all the wrong reasons.

He's became a sideshow and a distraction:

A reformed character, scoring goals for fun first half of season, chat about a big move, needless suspension(s), indiscipline,  form dips dramatically, worth fuck all (relatively speaking).....rinse and repeat!

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52 minutes ago, Nk89 said:

I dont get why turning up on Thursday was 24 hours late when the team wouldn't have been back in training till thursday? 

Obviously the Hearts prep started on thursday

He didn’t get back in the country until late Thursday so missed the Hearts preparation session they’d done that day.

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