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Fuck off

Get tae fuck you wanker  I and many others have put hours of our time, given up family stuff, moved work about, spent thousands of pounds supporting our club That isnt being reciprocated by

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1 minute ago, eejay the dj said:

That made me laugh on a night not fit for laughing 

Ye kidden? You’ve got to laugh at this pish.  I genuinely laughed at Tav trying to cross the ball tonight for The 20th time only to hit the first man for the 20th time.  How can you not laugh at that?

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12 minutes ago, SimmetnDrawers said:

A message to the people posting stuff like ,"I'm finished" ....."won't be back" ....."I'm done" , don't let the door hit your arse on the way out, you either follow/support Rangers or you don't, fucking simple, we are all hurting but if you make statements like that then you should walk away and don't come back.

Too many wee chancers get their moment on here to spout their venom,  in real life they wouldn't have the opportunity. they'd be ignored, or laughed at.

All those saying they are walking away are just the usual wankers who will be on these threads dissing everything  every time we play. poorly, looking for reaction to their frustrated wee lives.   And wetting themselves at the opportunity to do it agian when we play badly. 

It's the same posters on here who suddenly get vocal once we lose, but usually have failed to have any positive contributions or sensible arguments in the period before.

I suspect their lack of pride in supporting a team regardless of success or failure is just a reflection of a lack of pride and confidence in their own beliefs. 

Maybe they'd be best just organising their own wee group hugs somewhere.

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