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[OPINION] UEFA will Recommend a Null and Void

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With a break is not in a row back to zero

Even if they do give it to celtic, we will still be calling this the Default Title in 30 years time. They were given it etc etc. So whatever happens that should be our stance. Sporting

Would the scum title run then go back to zero or are they going for nine next year?    

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Just now, Blue Avenger said:

Problem is like above, if they expand the top flight for one season only promoting the top two from the championship then four down the next season and those involved in relegation promotion would go with it.

Top two? But teams three and four were also in the playoff places, why should they miss out? Sporting integrity.

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10 minutes ago, B1872 said:

Would the scum title run then go back to zero or are they going for nine next year?




They will definitely look at it as their right mate ...... just up to us to burst that particular bubble and spoil the party. 

When the leagues were reconstructed in the past .... they just carried on .... so don't see them thinking any different after this crisis is over.


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In Scotland to get the fixture list done we could easily just shorten next season and play each other twice to have a 22 game season 

I know the chances of us winning the title this year are slim but they absolutely cannot hand the scum a title. The teams have played a different fixture list and we still had a game in hand and 2 Old Firms to go 

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