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Club statement | Resolution not deemed competent

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5 minutes ago, SkylineBlue said:



fucking hell mate.

😂 it's true though, I'll take shite off the likes of you, @TamCoopz and @Tiger Shaw since you fucks actually bring something to the table. Giving another opinion or just calling shite out as shite.

For someone who's been hiding in the background for years (supposedly) to all the sudden make a post just to say "this guy he's not ITK" and tell posters to ignore is bullshit.

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WE have been presented with evidence via a whistleblower that raises serious concerns surrounding the SPFL’s processes relating to its stewardship of the voting on the resolution presented to member C

Hope you dont mind mate but thought I'd give the Hornets nest a wee stir...  

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22 minutes ago, Bears r us said:

I have not been on here as much today mate, so wondering if you really think we can get near the  50%, I would love it to happen, but it seems a bit optimistic.

Your opinion would be appreciated even at this late hour. :thumbup:


As I said to another poster, I'm not an oracle. 

Looking at the response of a lot of clubs in the last few days, it's looking better on our side of the argument. 50% sounds big, but it's half of 42 votes, so 21 is the first target.

For what we know, I would surmise both sides are about equal in knowing who will vote for what. In my opinion, I would say half of teams have shown their colours, leaving half unknown.   The Tim teams will stick like shite to a blanket, but what the other teams who have come out and said, even down to Kelty, must have persuaded some to our cause. Will it be enough is anyone's guess, but here's hoping it is.

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2 minutes ago, CooperSF said:

You could argue that the investigation would be the perfect opportunity to embarrass Rangers and show up their ‘manipulative lies’.

Why wouldn’t any club want such a glorious opportunity...

Same reason they haven’t hammered us with disrepute charges..... 👍🏻

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