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Club statement | Resolution not deemed competent

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WE have been presented with evidence via a whistleblower that raises serious concerns surrounding the SPFL’s processes relating to its stewardship of the voting on the resolution presented to member C

Hope you dont mind mate but thought I'd give the Hornets nest a wee stir...  

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5 minutes ago, Tero Penttila said:

Pretty much where I stand. The accumulation of years tends to do that to you. 

Absolutely mate. 

You HAVE to look at past performance in order to view a situation.  It needs to be taken into consideration. But hopefully they buck the trend this time. 

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24 minutes ago, Alendrin said:

my aren't we angry, i think we are all trying to find answers, i'm fuckin smashed again, because i'm bored, i was playing rocket league, missed a few pages, skimmed a few, being drunk no worky, so i all i did was ask

Aye ok mate that's twice you've quoted me now. 

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55 minutes ago, Sweetheart said:

I want to pass on my thoughts and prayers to everyone affected by the COVID-19 virus whether part of the Dundee United family, the Dundee community or the key workers on the front line. 

These unprecedented times are causing extreme hardships on many and will have a significant effect in both the short and long term on the overall welfare of families and businesses.

As Chairman of Dundee United FC, I am very proud of what our Club has been able to accomplish in the relatively short period of time under our ownership. 

We, together, have started something special here and the words of United Together cannot be understated. The future of our position in the league is under discussion with the governing bodies. Our coaching staff and players are more determined than ever to continue what we have started as soon as they can, to create even more memories for our fans.

I want to thank everyone throughout our Club for making the furlough process as easy as possible. We also, however, all need to understand that with every crisis comes financial burden which needs to be managed carefully. Financially, this is an extremely difficult time for our Club.

With that in mind and with great disappointment, I would like to state that recent talks between Dundee United FC and the Dundee United Supporters Foundation (DUSF) have now come to an end. 

After initially being told the organisation was there to assist our Club with monies which have been raised throughout their membership, we as a board were not willing to fulfil the unreasonable demands of DUSF encompassing a requirement for shares and thereafter a secured loan. This is particularly troublesome to us considering the size of the overall investment Scott and I have put into Dundee United FC and quite frankly goes against all the values that we have as owners and as a Club.

Therefore, we are formally announcing that Dundee United FC will no longer recognise DUSF as a partner moving forward. What this means for the future existence of that organisation and to the distribution or otherwise of the funds it has accumulated from fans over a number of years is a question only their Steering Committee can answer.

We will be shortly announcing the formation of a new Supporters' Foundation after consultation with the various supporter groups with whom we have clear and productive relationships.


Thats Dundee Utd fucked next season then. Chinning off your "biggest" supporters culb just because two people want to hold on to a larger share of the club 😄 😄 😄

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3 minutes ago, BlueboyG said:

If PTFC lawyers reckon that the vote DFC sent on Friday must stay valid then the SPFL need to come out and say that their resolution has failed and we've made a right cunt of it.


Honourable folk would mate, but we're talking about the spfl including liewell here.

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