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Club statement | Resolution not deemed competent

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WE have been presented with evidence via a whistleblower that raises serious concerns surrounding the SPFL’s processes relating to its stewardship of the voting on the resolution presented to member C

Hope you dont mind mate but thought I'd give the Hornets nest a wee stir...  

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4 minutes ago, eosmhdo said:

It’s over to the board now. They will either fuck the system or look like idiots.

There is no in between imo.

I hope to fuck they know what they are doing.

How? It wasn't a full investigation into the whole vote, just one extremely dodgy part. It answers nothing.

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1 hour ago, SeparateEntityMyArse said:

So there'll be no independent investigation.

Oh aye, we done one and it found fuck all wrong 😂

Couldnt write this stuff 😂

Enough time to destroy the evidence ,plus anything incriminating will be done in voice calls with no paper trail ,

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Just now, Dickie1963 said:

It took them 3 1/2 hours to work out it was in spam !!!


There is no way 1 of the 42 members has an email going to spam. They would have received emails from them in the past so it would not have gone to spam. It is a lie that no one in the media argues.

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19 minutes ago, chris182 said:

This reeks of despiration. An attempt to stave off a full investigation into the WHOLE vote not just Dundee's vote (which is still dodgy as fuck, even after that "investigation")

The process reeks ,Dundee have already put enough in public to prove it ,Can’t see any evidence being found in any investigation,just needs somebody to join the dots up the way most of us on here have 

So many online outlets are saying that something doesn’t add up and why the need to force something through so quickly not one even the Rangers ones are daring to say it’s all about giving the tarriers a tainted title 

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