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The Lance Armstrong of football.  rick roberts 2 days ago The Lance Armstrong of football. A common call from celtic fans desperate to try and overstate Rangers FC use of then-legal tax

...and entry to the lucrative Champions League... I've always suspected that the rush and process to get all this done, regardless of the consequences for others, has been the primary driving for

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21 minutes ago, GersInCanada said:

Quietly confident now that the mafia are totally screwed and they now know it. 

They never planned for a legal challenge and that level of scrutiny. Just assumed that they could carry on as always.

Now they are fucked. I hope.

They dont come across as quietly confident

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2 minutes ago, .Williamson. said:

Is there anything actually happening anymore or is this just one of those threads that we all pretend in?

Quick summary. Hearts/Thistle threatened with expulsion and or big fines for daring to take the matter to court. Hearts/Thistle want the court to order certain people to give testimony under oath.

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47 minutes ago, 6superbarry6 said:

Hopefully this just strengthens Hearts and Particks resolve to fight these cheating fenian bastards all the way, can’t see a deal being struck now, time to flatten the fenian cabal 

Can we just keep the steam roller moving along to the paedo headquarters and them up the m8 to the bottom of the Royal Mile and flatten the coffee shop.

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Just picked this up from the Sun. If true, the game IS well and truly a bogey up here. I'd quite happily have the club walk away from this shit. The cabal tighten it's grip.

What chance our title ambitions with this shit. I begin to understand why we went quiet!

Corrupt to the fucking core.


HEARTS and Partick Thistle say they've been left 'INCREDULOUS' after being slapped with an SFA charge over their SPFL dispute.

The Jambos and Jags are battling against league chiefs in a bid to have their relegations reversed.

But the SFA have now hit them with a notice of complaint for taking their legal action to Edinburgh's Court of Session earlier this month.

The charge for both clubs appears on the SFA's website.

It reads: "Disciplinary Rule 78 - No member or Associated Person shall take a dispute which is referable to arbitration in terms of Article 99 to a court of law except as expressly permitted by the terms of Article 99."

However, Hearts and Partick Thistle have now responded with a joint statement of their own to blast the charge.

The statement read: "We are incredulous to have received a notice of complaint from the SFA in the circumstances.

"It is oppressive of them to require submissions from both clubs by 20 July when we are, in terms of their own articles of association, actively engaged in arbitration.

"As our focus must be squarely on that, we have already requested the SFA to review the timing to allow us to be properly prepared and represented.

"That is the very least we should expect from the process.”

A principal hearing for both clubs is due to take place on Thursday, August 6.

Should the hearings ultimately go against both clubs, they could face having to pay £500,000 in fines.

While a much more extreme punishment could see Hearts and Partick LOSE their membership of the SFA.

That would effectively see them both kicked out of Scottish football as a result.

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10 minutes ago, eejay the dj said:

I hope so mate .Big time .I would love nothing more .It saddens me that we are not fronting this ,yet it’s possible we still have our part to play 

I used to think that but now,  put the little teams out there and do our job for us.
If we can get a level playing field next season then I’d be happy, let them have their tainted title it’s a joke anyway. 

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12 minutes ago, GersInCanada said:

Hearts/Thistle want the court to order certain people to give testimony under oath.

Never been in one place when a half dozen cunts all let out big loud farts at the same time.
Musta been hilarious. 
The grand kids woulda been in stitches.

me personally would put into the kitty to get shot of every one of the corrupt bastards.

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2 minutes ago, Hadron Collider said:

Time for a breakaway league. This is fucking ridiculous. The majority of  teams should be getting behind Hearts and Partick now.  Fucking make you sick this!  

Often thought that myself. But if the mafia fall and the organisation of the game is overhauled then I would prefer that.

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Anyone care to give me a summary of what's happening here? This legal shite confuses the fuck out of me?

What's happening with Hearts and Patrick? What's is arbitration? 

If Patrick and Hearts are challenging the SPFL how come Rangers aren't involved?

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