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    • It is mate😂😂😂
    • Dunno how i feel about it all now.    I’d take a draw for them in Milan, scrape by St Johnstone then drop points again to Aberdeen and Kilmarnock.  If they win their next couple and last seasons cup then he probably sees it out until the old firm, but that means they get a bit of a run going which you don’t want either. 
    • I suppose you could question how "decent" someone like Silva is but I doubt someone like him watched that yesterday and really gave a shit to be honest. I think football fans can have a tendency to overstate situations a bit and think players and managers will look at them in the worst case scenario.  A lot of managers would look at it and not be that bothered by that yesterday and would be more inclined to look at the 500k plus contract on offer.   There is no danger celtic are brining in Stubbs or Mackay just now if they do make a change. 
    • Honestly. Every time I get close to forgiving McCoist, he does something to remind me what a fanny he was during the Whyte / Green / early King eras. 
    • Think it’s a bit early for me to be saying he has the lot.    thought he started very poorly last night and only stabilised after Kamara came on. Came on to a better game as it went on but think he is still early in his time here.   one thing I haven’t really got any sense of is “tough in the tackle”  I haven’t noticed that at all so far  and compared to Aribo and others he even seems a bit lightweight   Still think he will contribute greatly to our season but he is a wee bit down the pecking order for the moment   
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