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SFA drops charges

Colin Traive

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2 hours ago, Blumhoilann said:

Are you saying Rangers weren't sanctioned by the SFA over tax failures?

The SFA can do what they like, now that all the leagues are under the SPFL banner the SFA have pretty much no input in the running of the league outwith FIFA rules and supplying officials, 

If any tarrier gets done now for any tax related issue (highly doubtful) it would be the SPFL to deal with it now im sure, probably another reason all the leagues were amalgamated under one banner

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On 19/05/2020 at 16:14, SuperTav said:

SFA have dropped the complaint after we threatened to take it all the way...


Good timing.

It doesn't surprise me. There was never a case there, this was all for the benefit of the cfc shareholders Res12. If it had of gone all the way then a light would have been shone on more maladministration. 

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