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Waddell and Wallace: what happened?

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Never got the story on why Jock Wallace left at the end of the season in 1978?  Apparently he did not get on with Waddell but never found out the details.  Can anyone clarify this one for a curious overseas bear>  Obviously only for "The Last of The Summer Wine" club and not for younger bears.

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Not sure tbh, waddell was a hard task master by all accounts, big Jock should have been right up his street for no nonsense....I remember as a kid that Wallace was leaving after winning another treble...I always believed at the time it was contract related....older bears than me may be able to shed light on this....did the two have a fallout after Barcelona, I thought I read somewhere about waddell not feeling that he got the credit he deserved, was their not suggestions that Wallace was the mastermind behind the cup winners cup triumph....I could be imagining this mind ye🤣

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Definitely a strange one for me, was it a personality clash?,  was it a time when the board thought the game was moving in a new direction and a manager with different, more modern ideas was needed?, nobody probably will know other than the parties involved, that was the way of the world then, things were able, if they wished to, be kept under wraps, unlike today when you can't sneeze but it's all over social media whether you want it to be or not. One thing for sure is it could have been handled better publicly.


Whatever it was, at the time, I didn't really agree with him going I felt we were a good unit getting somewhere, obviously a few tweaks were required, but that happens every year. I think it set us back, apart from some great performances in Europe , Juve, PSV, we were pretty mediocre at best a lot of the time domestically and it took until the Souness/ Smith  combination before we looked a force again.


I wish he had been in place for another couple of years and left a good base for a new manager to step right in, rather than have the inept performances we had in the early '80's. Did he leave of his own accord or was he 'encouraged' ?, only a few people know, but one thing is certain he did not deserve the treatment he got when he was asked to leave the stadium, that, for me, was a shameful thing to do to a great club servant.

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Watched the Jimmy Greaves Story lastnight and on one of Greavsey's latter TV shows Big Jock was on getting some award or other,didn't catch what that was about???

Greaves was part of the Spurs double winners of '61,that Spurs team knocked Rangers out of the ECWC in the 1st round 8-4 agg :-( They went on to lift the trophy being the 1st British club to lift a major European trophy.........no matter what the scum say :UK:

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