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Welcome Calvin Bassey

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8 minutes ago, tannerall said:

Just read on the official website there he is eligible to play for Nigeria and England. 

However under British football rules that also must mean he could choose Scotland or Wales or NII too ?

Just saying, don;' want any potential signing playing for those kilt wearing cunts.

The official site says he is eligible for Italy, Nigeria and England.

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4 minutes ago, stuart1994 said:

These signings can work out well at times, young hungry players who will never get the chance down south come up here impress and develop. 

welcome to the famous Calvin !!!

Yeah, we once got half a team of those from Newcastle..........and quite a few from Liverpool too.

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Could be a shrewd piece of business from Ross Wilson. Decent clubs after him, £230k for a young English-based player is a good fee as well. Cover for the country's best left-back, no complaints.

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Not the most inspiring transfer. Never heard of him, nothing about him online. Had a look at the Leicester forum who have saw the news and they seemed to not really know much about him either. Seems to be just some guy in the youth team who hasn't been near the first team. 

Seems to be more commonly known as Calvin Ughelumba normally. 

Just one of these ones you'll have to hope that Ross Wilson has pulled off a masterstroke but I'm not expecting him to come here and light the league up

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3 minutes ago, OhW said:

Why did you make up the thing about British football rules?

Was a time when you could play for any of the British football associations if you had a British parent or grandparent. 

Republic of Ireland (Fenians) exploited it to the hilt with English league players, and even got one player in who was not eligible at all under the rule. 

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14 minutes ago, spanther22 said:

Fair bit of transfer activity going on,  hopefully whoever picks out these players has a gold finger and not just a big spender.  
aaah fuck when does the football start?

Are we sure he's not related to Shirley Bassey. ?


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Hopefully he's an upgrade on Flanagan and Halliday.  Barisic is the best left back in the league but whenever he wasn't available there was a huge drop in quality this season regardless of who played.

Never heard of this guy but trust Ross Wilson to have scouted him thoroughly and know what he can add to the squad.

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Just now, KeyserSoze said:




Some are necessary. Back up goalie to replace Foderingham, this was needed to replace Flanagan/Halliday. 

But I agree we don't need any more now other than a striker. But I would argue less of a squad filler and hopefully a serious challenger. 

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5 minutes ago, don logan said:

Barasic maybe moving on?

Hope not, the balls he has put in to the box this season deserved a 20, 30 + conversion from decent strikers. 

And he did well at the back too. Probably our biggest improvement. 

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