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Everyone, anyone organiser....Black lives matter protest


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25 minutes ago, GOAT said:

Sorry but why exactly is my club being mentioned at this shambles and what exactly do we “need to change”.

get this prick to fuck. 


Couldnt agree more goat mate. What has this got to do with Rangers. Fucking nothing.

We just have fannys in this country that try bring us into everything.



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9 minutes ago, eskbankloyal said:

The journalist has gotten the guys name wrong, and he also had nothing to do with the creation of Everyone Anyone. 

But fire in based on the nonsense reporting of a journo who works for the Morning Star FFS 


Another honest mistake that sees our clubs name dragged through the mud. 

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5 minutes ago, kirkiebear said:

I’m sorry what have Rangers done in all of this ? 😂🥴

Scapegoat for everything in Scottish society.

Correct bud fuck all to do with Rangers.

I have said this many times there is cunts within our own that are trying to cause more damage to us than the taigs do.


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