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Officialdom Conspiracy 2020/21?

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Clancy providing zero protection to Rangers players. Guy's never just an  incompetent ref, he's fucking bent.

To think we used to sing 'Its a Conspiracy'...

I think you’ll find that Bolingoli is a separate entity so celtic cannot be responsible  infact he changed his name by deed poll to St Patrick Bolingoli earlier today

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27 minutes ago, EMRFC said:

Bobby Madden was surprisingly good yesterday I thought 

Same tbh. Surprisingly. 

Also, I don't know If I'm quite there yet with the "referee's are cheats" theory (even though the comments midweek were worrying)

I'm not ruling it out. The corruption in Scottish football is blatant and in front of our faces, so why not assume it stretches to ref's too.

They're certainly incompetent, at best. Perhaps being too kind there.

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10 minutes ago, ForeverAndEver said:

Not seen/can’t remember the Hayes one, or the Ferguson one on Goldson people were talking about.

Don’t think it was a penalty either tbh

Re the pen claim, how many times or angles you seen it from? 1 angle I've seen and few repeats. That's why I'm not ssying it was a pen, contact was defo made on him without getting the ball.

I'll try tomorrow to get the Hayes one up. Not a red i don't think, though again little analysis by the commentators, but it looked naughty.

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