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Sounds like you were being a dick tbh

Road full of wankers to wind up and he tries it on with 4 polis. 

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4 hours ago, graeme_4 said:

Police Scotland is just filled with arseholes who were bullied at school. One step up from bouncer mentality.

Yep agreed police  Scotland are mostly wee daft guys now who have issues and cant get over the fact they were bullied at school . Most of them  are wee posh fannys from posh area who havent lived a normal life and happy to pass days to fill paperwork up on pety crimes instead of looking for real criminals.

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Police are just like any other organisation, and a reflection of society, you get some arseholes and some that are the salt of the earth. Must be a stressful job, and hard mentally at times, particularly seeing/hearing about abuse of children etc and having to inform someone that their loved one has died.

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Their attitude towards football support is stuck in the 80’s though and they don’t seem to want to entertain or even discuss the idea that football can be policed any differently 

The real life versions of what we get on the tele , your murder detectives or whatever their official name is . Find them a bit fascinating because Once you do that job for so many years you must just view humanity and life in such a shit way . Constantly seeing the worst examples of human nature laid out in front of your eyes . Find it fasnicating how they can even begin to function with normal life and deal with that constant shit. Obviously a good amount probably never switch off .

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13 hours ago, theboss said:

Watching a tv show about people who attack cops. Even when they give you a hard time would you think about attacking them or are you scared about the jail time you would do for doing so. I think they do a good job at times and don't see why people would attack them for no reason unless seriously provoked or attacked first. 

If it wasn't called 'When citizens attack' the producers missed a trick. 


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