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Everything he did on the ball today was excellent. Every time he got it he was linking up well with the other players, well timed passes, nice flicks and rolls, a good cut back Kent should have done b

His pressing from the front and ability to hold the ball up was fantastic when he came on yesterday.  That's the second time he's done that. I like him, looks to be a shrewd signing. 

Was one of our best players 

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3 hours ago, sausagetrunks said:

We’re playing teams that are playing ultra defensive and when I say ultra defensive, 5 players around one player in their box ffs there was 8-9 players in their 6 yard  box  ffs. Livis aim was not to lose. 

Soon as I heard Dykes was out. I knew we had to score early. Livingston didn't have an outlet so were sitting in unless we scored.

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3 hours ago, gogzy said:

Far too early to pass judgement.

Does the same go for Balogun then -  despite his first run outs being very good indeed?

everyone of us can tell “a player” - there’s telling signs - movement, positioning, control and ability. 

I hope he comes good though, I really do because Alfie needs someone to look over his shoulder at. 

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On 16/08/2020 at 18:44, McEwan's Lager said:

No way to tell yet. He needs a start. 

I think we need to seriously think of the future here and get the Morelos thing sorted once and for all, I would love to se us play a 4-1-3-2

Get Itten and Roofe up top together and go with either Jack or Kamara holding with Hagi, Aribo & Kent in the forward midfield roles....one thing is for sure it will soon tell us if in fact we do need 2 holding mids if we see a lot more chances created against us...that would be my idea of moving forward 

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Guy's barely had a chance. :lol: 

He looks perfectly decent to me. Physical, tries to hold the ball up, moves well, has created a couple of opportunities. Give him time to actually gel with the team and deal with Scottish football.

Serious question - has anyone ever been not been subject to any of this bullshit from the beginning, bar your huge signings like Gazza? Hateley was obviously disliked for a while and McCoist famously had the entire crowd telling him to get to fuck against Dundee. And as is always being brought up recently, Borna has gone from piss-poor to probably our best player.

I know he gave *that* assist in his debut, but there were probably fans writing off Laudrup in his first few games I'm sure as well.

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3 hours ago, KeyserSoze said:

Yet SG said his strikers didn’t turn up. 

not a good sign despite Itten coming off the back of a whole season and should be “match sharp”


Fair point.  But I’d still wait until he gets more than 20 minutes or so before judging him.  

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The issue is if Morelos does end up staying, Itten & Roofe are only going to get sub appearances for the foreseeable future so they need to take every chance they get regardless of how long they play. So far they're both 0/2, yesterday was the perfect chance for either of them to step up & we seen nothing from either of them.

Morelos still isn't back to his form of early last season but hes not getting dropped to the bench anytime soon for a striker who has a half decent record at best in Itten & another in Roofe who looks woefully unfit.

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On 16/08/2020 at 20:10, Sket said:

Surely then you can see how absurd it is that you give one a pass and the other is practically written off? No?

What is your point? Not every player is a sensation from day one. Fair enough over time Itten may well turn out to be not good enough,players need time. Barasic took time. Fucking McCoist took time.


Balogun has started well,who's to say he will keep that up? Fuck sake Coulibaly was the new Patrick Viera after a couple of games.

He’s comparing a defender to a striker, Balogun doesn’t rely on other players to make him do his job better, Itten needs service, to write him off after two 20 min sub appearances is a joke mate 

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