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Ronald De Boer

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Loved de Boer was a bit skeptical when we signed him as he had previous injuries that didn't really justify spending 4million on him but the season we done the treble 02/03 he was terrific, that's the

Him and Ferguson in the treble season were unreal, 2 top players at the top of their game at the same time. Them McCann Cannigia, Lovenkrands Arveladze Thompson Mols we had so many attacking opti

Was decent for us at first, then came to life under McLeish.  Him and Ferguson that 2002/03 treble season were absolutely outstanding.

15 hours ago, peter huistra said:

Mind that game well , Kenny Miller scored and we were going through until big Amo being to casual strolling out of defence with the ball and Marco simone I think it was robbed him and scored. 

Still have belief we will see those kinda nights again soon. 

Angriest I've ever seem Numan. Went through Amo like a dose of salts. Rightly. Stupid from Amo. Cost us qualification. Well, that and a McCann header from 6 yards that he put straight ar the goalie v Galatasaray at Ibrox. Sitter 

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Great player , so intelligent and probably the best I’ve seen in the air for his height , his timing was impeccable, read in Barry Ferguson’s book his full week consisted of baths and and treatment to his knee, it was that bad he rarely trained, the minute he was in the tunnel the chest was out ready to run the show Ferguson went onto say 

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Changed days indeed, we might get to the group's but we will be cannon fodder because of the money sloshing about the big leagues, I'd like us to qualify though just to see if we could punch above our weight, the game's against Leverkusen were somewhere close to the standard needed for the champions League.

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16 minutes ago, Laudrupsleftfoot said:

He was very good but wouldn't go that far.

I agree he falls a bit short of Gazza and Laudrup in terms of overall contribution to us but still deserves to be talked of as a international class player that we were privileged to see playing for us. Sometimes he's overlooked in terms of our best ever players but he is right up there. 

Bearing in mind he had a destroyed knee which caused him to miss some matches and consequently didn't have the pace he had a few years before we signed him. In his prime he would have been frightening. Even without the pace his touch, reading and awareness of the game was outstanding and one of the best i've even seen play for us. Probably still one of our best ever technical players.  

The concept of us signing a Dutch international from Barcelona shows how much things have changed. I remember being pretty stunned we signed him even then we we were in for some big players. The guy had class on and off the park and was a genuine top drawer player who not only consistently delivered in big games for us but had a winning mentality that was a big part of our success in that period. 

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10 hours ago, Jeffrey said:

How highly do you rate him, for me starting watching in late 90/s early 2000s he's the best I've seen my hero :ycv:

M8 De Boer was a world class player, as it was said in the treble winning season him and Ferguson excelled...in that video he scored a hattrick at tannadice...if memory serves me right the pitch was a fucking disgrace...bumps everywhere, hardly any grass and tonnes of sand...De Boer performance that day belied anyone to play football on that surface....in truth a RDB is exactly what this current side is missing...if we could find someone of his style we would cruise to the league 

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As a kid, Laudrup was my favourite player because no shit he's God, but when he left it was Albertz, and then it was de Boer. Just a classy player. His 2002-2003 season is up there with any of the best players in our history. Ridiculous thing is that he wasn't even the best player we had that season. 

Also, threads like this make me appreciate how spoiled I was as a kid. My dad grew up during their 9 in a row years, my nephews have grown up in the past decade. I got 9 in a row and then the Advocaat and McLeish years. So many great players, games and memories.

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7 hours ago, Inigo said:

Always thought Tugay was a bit overrated tbh, mainly because he was popular, which was because he had a great attitude and spirit.

Was a class below the likes of GVB, Ferguson and Reyna, though. Hence he was in and out of the team.

Agree with this. I’ve always thought that how well he did in England inflated our supporters opinion on him a little bit.

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