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Should have been a red

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This what happens when the board allow constant attacks on our own.

Thats what happens when Clancy refs our games.

Should be a red. Jack was sent off for basically the same at Pittodrie. Good argument for differences in treatment again. 

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10 minutes ago, Billythebear77 said:

Honestly, even on bbc sport sound most off the pundits hardly spoke about it apart from McFadden, he said 100% it was a red, the rest never really spoke much about it, imagine for a split second that was the other way about?

the whole programme would have been dedicated to talking about Alfie, pitchforks and flaming torches out to get him, no wonder he wants out off this Shitehole 

Or even can you imagine the narrative if this had been Edouard on the receiving end of that tackle?

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27 minutes ago, psb07158 said:

Imagine Jimmy Bell actually was on Twitter calling refs cheating bastards 😂😂😂

Buckling fs

Give back Jimmy Bell the crowd sound and hand him the official social media accounts for 15 minutes after a game. Zero fucks would be given :pipe:

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2 hours ago, bluenoz said:

I believe if Barisic had stayed on the park there would have been retribution. I wouldn't want to piss Borna off.

The minute the pushing and shoving starts  today when Barisic knows absolutely nothing is going to happen, that’s the baw burst , players of old sorted it in the next tackle not fannying about when the refs gonny step in , Barisic was taking off but would have done nothing like the other 10 players did the remainder of the game 

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