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I'm 36 so nowhere near as old as some of the other guys who your thread probably aimed at, but I'd still like to leave a special mention of my own in Ian Ferguson. One of the last few successful,

Ian "I only have a drink when Rangers win a trophy, that's why people think I'm an alcoholic" Ferguson. 

Pieter Huistra I think gets less mentions because he left not long after Brian Laudrup arrived and he doesn’t get the credit he deserves. He was a cracking player.

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3 minutes ago, TEFTONG said:

I won a good few quid from big McPherson as first goalscorer bets over the years. Big man used to be very good odds and whilst my memory might be damaged through alcohol I'm sure he got plenty of first goals for us. 

Strange shaped heid did the business plenty.

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1 hour ago, 2nd Flute said:

Aw man, parties, Flute band ,Rangers, great days you never forget, and as you say, no phones, no Internet, phone was a big red box stinking a pish :lol:

memories, brutal regards phone box:lol: once that smell is in your nostrils, its no leaving:lol:

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4 minutes ago, Colin Traive said:

John Brown was overshadowed by many big names around him but he gave everything for the jersey.

McDonald, Russell, Mathieson, Munro, Rod Wallace all suggested and spot on.

From the big money era, the least celebrated was Claudio Reyna, a really intelligent footballer. Wished he’d been with us longer.

And then there was Papac.....

Great shout. 

I remember after we won the first of our niar. Nine that we actually won on the pitch as it happens. 

At the time Gary Stevens was my favourite player. He signed an autograph for me (what used to happen before the social media and selfies :anguish:* age) outside Ibrox after the game that day (Hearts?) but never made eye contact as he was speaking to someone else at the time. Might not have been meant in a disrespectful way at the time but it didn't feel right.

Minutes later Bomber came out and he must have spent 5 or 6 minutes talking to me.

* I do realise I am posting on social media right now before anyone pipes up :lol:

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1 hour ago, RS4_wul said:

Regarding Ian Ferguson. I was at love street the day he scored that absolute screamer. He hit it so hard the ball boy behind the goal ducked :lol:

That scissor kick v Aberdeen in the League Cup Final was a brilliant strike which never seems to have been reshown as often as it deserves.

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12 minutes ago, TEFTONG said:

Plus he had more nicknames than any other Rangers player I can remember.

Giraffe Legs. Bambi. Big Spider and Dave the Rave were just four I can remember from the East Enclosure.

50 pence Heid  was one I remember, as the ball either went in the direction it was supposed to off his big napper, or away up in row z when it hit one of the angular bits...


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25 minutes ago, Ibroxholm said:

Andy Penman from the late 60’s  and Bobby McKean from the70’s.  Two very good footballers who never seemed to get the recognition they deserved when playing for us imo.

Remember being on the bus home from work on the day McKean died.

Spotted a local newspaper hoarding with the line ‘footballer found dead in car’ or similar.

Despite being 200 miles from Glasgow, I had the weirdest feeling that it might be one of ours.

Bought the paper when I got off the bus, to have my worst fears confirmed.

What a waste.

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