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I’ll take that as an offer 

Awful. Sort it out.

I've had ice creams stuck on my head, my wife allegedly is a gollywog and had all sorts of mindless abuse thrown at me in here, for the record I have also worked over 70hrs this week, who gives a fuck

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7 hours ago, GabrielTomato said:

Don’t insinuate I’m bullying you. That’s pathetic. 

I’ve changed plenty of posters names who have all seen the funny side, including Williamson. 

You’d be better off deleting your account if you can’t take me changing your name to Cat Protection. I’ve hardly made it personal. 

I can’t change it back as I’m on my phone, but I will do when I can. 

Any chance you can change my name to  mongo tits 


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3 minutes ago, Badger said:

I lived up here for a while, working at Dounreay, so know the far north pretty well. 

Far north west is the best bit of Scotland, although it has been 7-8 years since I was here last - but it will be a lot busier over there now.
Best thing about before it was popular, is you could make art attacks on deserted beaches - such as the 100 pace long penis


Basically a picture of @Doddgers face then? 

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