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The fact that we are relying on Davis and Defoe and the rest of the cast of cocoon shows that we have had another bad recruitment drive. How much more do we want to allow an unproven rookie spend? How

We've had to strengthen our midfield now for 3 seasons. Instead money has gone into other areas of the pitch. Why this hasn't been sorted sooner is beyond me. 

The bench is depressing as fuck. 4 defenders, Jamie Barjonas and Jordan Jones

Imagine likes of the Real fergie, Ian version getting hold of these fuds in this day and age, hed kick there cunts in and take there phones aff them.

bring back old skool ffs, rather watch Walter getting slagged on here, yet win league cups and take us to uefa finals, gerrard has spent more than walter did 2nd time around.

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Just now, falkirkNS said:

not on that instagram carryon or twitter, id fucking hound the cunts for such acts. welcome to 2020 snowflake Rangers, boak

Aye for me it sums it up the mentality of player we’re dealing with , they’ll think that’s a good result 

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