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What is he actually bringing to the club?

We all agree Gerrard needs an experienced guy at his side but what has McAllister brought to the table?

Gerrard keeps making the same mistakes, should Gary no be strongly advising him to try and be a better manager?

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Probably the same as most assistants: Coaching and telling the manager what he thinks, basically.

Why is this daft question always asked? It's a near impossibility to tell if an assistant manager is any good or not, other than for those that work directly with him.

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Who gives a fuck what McAllister thinks or does.

He's their to support the manager. The buck stops with Gerrard no matter wtf an assistant brings or not.

No more excuses or scaoegoats as we are now becoming bigger victims than the taigs with our moaning and its fucking embarrassing. Ah but the ref.. Ah but... ah but... Amen.

Quite simply we are NOT good enough. Forget the excuses, face the reality in our third season of seeing the same movie.

No title for us yet again.

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