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*****Official Willem II v Rangers Match Thread*****

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We made it inside Hiding place for a few hours needed lol ūü•≥ ¬†

Im guessing we just lost about 300+ guests? 

Yess, half time. Sons Of Willem 0   Sons of William 2.

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6 minutes ago, davidg53 said:

they won 4 - 0 today at home  in their league  

 Gerrard has warned his Rangers defenders they will have to make nullifying the threat posed by Greek striker Vangelis Pavlidis a priority to beat Willem II. 

He scored 2 of the goals in their win.

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Problem is (well it's not really a problem in regards this game) we'll more than likely win this comfortably but knowing fine well that the next time we face a semi-competent or organised team in the league, we'll come back to earth with a bang.

I'm heading over for the sake of a trip and was looking forward to it, but today's took the wind right out my sails. I'll get a second wind before leaving on Wednesday but mood I'm in the now I can't be fucked with it. 

Hopefully the players don't feel the same and we wipe the floor with them.

Same team as today, unless Roofe's fit and I'd be inclined to put him in in place of Hagi and Hagi on the bench. 

Prediction, 2-0 Rangers. 

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Qualifying for Europe this season is probably at the lowest priority it ever has been. Will be much less money, makes very little difference to the coefficient and puts much more pressure on a very frail squad mentality.

Would I like us to win? Ofcourse.

Would I really care if we went out? Probably not.

League Cup should be our biggest priority after the league. Even though the league is looking like a busted flush once more.

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1 hour ago, Prso's headband said:

No chance. Despite Helander having a much better game than Goldson, he’ll be the one dropped. 

Why is there never chat of a pairing of Helender and Balagun, footballing wise not favourites?

are they technically incapable, both kicking with the same feet or something?

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6 minutes ago, SpiritofBillStruth said:

We are refereed differently on the continent, basically fairer, so i expect the better team to win, and that is obviously us. 

Bet we get knocked out from a dodgy penalty now.

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