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Alex Rae is quite decent at calling them out too.

Called out Sutton on BT Sport's one day and you can see him get progressively more angry looking while he's listening to him :lol:

But aye, Boyd is decent most of the time. He's been a bit of a shitebag on occasion aswell when needlessly throwing Alfie under the bus 

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3 hours ago, Hadron Collider said:

Can tell he has no time for that slug Walker. Keep it up Kris. 👍

Yeh, his face (KB) spoke a thousand words whilst Walker was rambling on. I don’t always agree with him (Kris) but he at least tries to be objective, which I’d rather have from an obvious ex player with fondness for the club as opposed to the parody figures of Harrison, Sutton et all. As for Barry Ferguson (who incidentally was my favourite Rangers player for a long time) I think he tries to be too objective and really needs to up his decision making on when to call out other celtic minded colleagues talking nonsense...

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He doesn’t go far enough, why couldn’t he comment directly about Walkers comment. “ I can’t believe what I just heard there, Walker just commented that an acceptable part of football is for opposition players to target Morelos and off the ball elbows to the face is ok” 

None of them in the media are willing to call it out!

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12 hours ago, dee9 said:

I'm always one for slating pundits and with good reason but kris boyd has been a breath of fresh air tbh recently. 

Just thought he deserved a thread for calling out that lot for what they are. 

Top man. 

I loved Boyd vehemently saying Hibs second goal was offside while that cunt Andy Walker kept talking over the top of him going "it's tight...it's tight".  Tight fuck all, it was offside.  

If they're going to allow cunts like Sutton and Walker to commentate on our games we need more Rangers men like Boyd and McCann in similar positions.  

On a side note, I heard Andy Halliday on ClydeSSB about a week ago.  That took me by surprise.  It would be good if they got him on more but I'm guessing it was just a one off.

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