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The citing of Gerrard is nothing more than intimidation " know your place H** scum". From the lost evidence of the execution dolls;continuous assaults on Rangers players on and off the field sinc

Hate is absolutely the word we should be using though, as it is a feeling that is used against us. We shouldn't be afraid to say we hate them.  They use their hatred of us to keep us down. 2012 t

If that tackle was made on the scum's prized asset there would be a national outrage. There is no protection for Alfredo Morelos in Scottish football. Absolutely none.

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18 minutes ago, BridgeIsBlue said:

RANGERS are bemused that a notice of complaint has been raised against Steven Gerrard, for comments relating to the challenge which caused injury to Alfredo Morelos.

This is a bizarre charge which we will robustly contest at the scheduled hearing.

As is often the case, Steven Gerrard was asked for his view on a flashpoint in the match, with leading questions relating to the challenge that caused the injury and whether it should have been deemed a red card. On several occasions, he refused to do so.

Given the wide range of incidents in Scottish football so far this season, we are perplexed that this issue has been raised and cited for complaint.

Whilst our national sport faces an unprecedented crisis, it is baffling that resources are used to charge Rangers’ Manager based on a flawed and inaccurate interpretation of Steven Gerrard’s remarks.

Rangers will fully support its Manager against this charge during the scheduled hearing.

Is the highlighted part true ? How can he be cited if he never said it should have been a red?

That statement as it stands is fine, but I very much doubt given our recent history with statements that we will do anything but pay the fine when it comes and that will be that, I would Iove to be proved wrong.  

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1 minute ago, Cedrick said:

“If it was the other way around it be a different outcome” on RTV is that what he’s getting cited for ? 

I did not know that one, he was certainly right if he said that, but then the truth is not allowed in this shit hole of a tarrier run country any more.

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2 minutes ago, TMB said:

People wonder why Gerrard can’t come out and criticise the refs.  This is why!  We’ll be hit with fines, bans, and sanctions.

Doesn’t matter 

if it’s the truth it should be said 

sell Morelos and that gives us 1000 years worth of the worse fines possible if it means we can defend the club for once

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