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Has the departure of any player ever upset you?

The Widow's Son

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Always remember being very disappointed when Mark Walters left us to join Liverpool.

He had been a brilliant player with a vital role in so many victories and was very much an integral part of our success in the years he was here.

Always turned it on against they bastards as well.

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A few. Graham Roberts probably the first one I can remember. Against Falkirk  at brockville the Rangers fans were constantly singing  only One Graham Roberts all day. He had fell out with Souness and was in the stand.
Souness was raging and it probably made him definitely get rid of Roberts after that.

Chris woods (although at the time don’t think most thought Goram would become a legend)mccoist, gough, laudrup, Ferguson, all pissed me off at one stage. 

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Jim Forrest for obvious reasons.

The decison to use him and George McLean as scapegoats handed them 9 in a row at a time they were shit scared of him and it cost us the 67 ECWC because we played the Final without a recognized centre forward and along with that the guy who we did play at centre forward that night , Roger Hynd , missed an absolute sitter that would have won us the game only makes it worse.

Fuckin idiotic decision of the highest order.

Another one was Colin Stein leaving the first time. I idolized the Man and still do to an extent.

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1 hour ago, bear822 said:

Imo he was a better player than Barry, but he couldn’t screw the nut off the park, he could’ve been the successor to Souness in the national team. 

You’re right. Barry is a favourite of mine but I laugh when young people right off Derek and didn’t even see him play.  He was a tremendous player and I think he was better too, but stupidity and lack of commitment cost him.

He spoke at a dinner I was and somebody said he was better than Barry and his reply was “If I had a pound for ever time I’ve been told that I’d have as much money as Barry.” 

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On 24/09/2020 at 09:52, gmcf said:

Colin Stein , my first Rangers hero . 

It seemed he'd been there for ever and not just 3 years that first time round . Then a boot in the balls when Wee Bud followed him s few weeks later . 

In more recent times , selling Albertz , VanBronckhurst , Reyna and Tugay in a season and replacing them with Nerlinger was a blow   

And Willie Henderson.

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