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3 hours ago, .Williamson. said:

What do you mean what are our thoughts?

We didn't have a place for him anymore and he's signed for another club. Hearts are a relatively big club in Scotland and I've heard quite a number of supporters say Tynecastle is the best away ground in Scotland 

What's the thread title even mean?

Fucking disaster of a thread

Intae him

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6 minutes ago, BridgeIsBlue said:

Who despises him? 

Not so much him but there’s a common theme of random former players getting slated/disliked after they leave for no apparent reason

Wish nothing but the best for Halliday.

Perhaps misread the purpose of the thread but it’s a bit of a mess :lol: 

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Not sure about this thread. Do you mean that as a Rangers fan Halliday should remain unemployed and never play for another club again? He lived his and our dreams playing for us. A limited player but his commitment to Rangers is never in question. It’s a good move for him and I wish him the best. 

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Good move for him but that's where my thoughts on the matter starts and finishes.

Andy Halliday was a terrible footballer, from a different era, who did a grand job that one season we needed to get promoted back to the top flight. That's it. Don't wish him any ill but I'm not getting gooey-eyed over him either cos he's a pure staunch Bluenose. We've moved on a good bit from players like him.

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