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2 years till full houses again

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Back in time for 3iar.

STs will still sell out at Rangers imo

They have vaccines but they take so long to test and ensure they are safe. We don't want cunts having babies in 12 months growing 2 heads or even tails or people falling down dead after 6 months of ge

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It’s hard for the fans especially when we’re being asked to pay ST money and to buy Euro packages.  We know we’re not getting anything for our money.  It’ll be streams for the foreseeable. 

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Fine by me as Scottish football, as we know it, with loads of wee taig teams will be no more. 

Drain the swap and bring on the Scottish football reformation. Rangers will be OK.

Feel for some of our fans at the same time that want to watch us, but it won't be all bad IMO.

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Many Scottish clubs' crowds have been socially distanced for decades. It's nonsense that League 1+2 clubs are not allowed to have their usual crowds and teams like Rangers can't have thousands inside. I have little respect for this government's overbearing and dictatorial attitude. Any club that goes under should sue their asses off.



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16 minutes ago, southcoastbear said:

Problem is viruses are constantly mutating so how effective will any  vaccine be?

They got a vaccine  for the common cold or 100% effective flu vaccine  yet.

Truth is everyone is guessing though some are more educated than others.

Rushing vaacines through is pretty dangerous IMO.Hope to fuck they do find one that is effective, but to my knowledge they have to adjust the vaacine each year for the seasonal flu.

Like you say, Covid-19 will end up the same... Something we may just have to live with in the same way as the flu. I certainly won't be first in the queue for a rushed through vaacine if that is indeed what transpires.

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7 minutes ago, Shuggy said:

The SNP's over zealous approach to football is symptomatic of a ruling party that does not want this virus raging at the time of the May elections. This is all about politics not science.


Just read today the Shetland Islands want to be Independent from Scotland :lol:, and they won't listen to wee Jimmy Krankie. 

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