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Let's get carried away 

He’s absolutely woeful goal or not.

Don't know how he gets his own post 🤣 Just don't think he's a very good footballer. Glad he scored today though.

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13 minutes ago, hammer93 said:

Totally agree....but it's the same for people starting threads after a player has a bad game...I don't know why the op thinks it merits a thread

He gets a lot of flak on here. So it’s an attempt to show a bit of positivity about him. That’s all 

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A goal scoring winger! :thumbup:

We have wanted one for years.....

And now hair he is.

Cut inside well, remained composed and powered it home. 

Few other close shaves ,baw hair away where a little break and he was in. 

Hope he isn't a fringe player for much  longer.



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1 minute ago, magic8ball said:

Iv watched him closely a few times to see if there was something there ,Your ring he’s gifted ,If he had the self belief that Kent has he would be sensational .

Typo totally changes my post ,Sorry mate ,I meant Right instead of Ring 😂😂

17 minutes ago, .Williamson. said:

Possibly the most naturally gifted winger we have at the club


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Goes on a run and hits it straight at the keeper where it ends up going in between his legs.

Barker and Jones weren’t good enough last season, in a team who weren’t good enough last season.

How the fuck some of our fans dont understand this I’ll never know.

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