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***** Official Scum vs Rangers Match Thread *****

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Anyway let's just do them.  Fuck who can and can't play.  

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15 hours ago, BillyG91 said:

Cunts will fucking spin this as hard as possible so they can postpone the game.

No way it should happen but this is Scotland and they get whatever they ask for. 

Will be surprised if this goes ahead. Actually fucking despise that club. Scummiest animals alive.

Perhaps mot, as they would run the risk of being told they need to forfeit the match. 

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15 minutes ago, Ladytonbear said:

not a chance they will be made to forfeit - anyone who thinks so hasn't been paying attention for the last ten years 

My point was the risk of it means they need to tread carefully. Christie now tested positive as well. 

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39 minutes ago, GOAT said:

I’ll be having every cunt up for the game if it’s on and won’t be giving a flying fuck what any cunt says.  Done wae this shite, we were told last month to go out and spend money in pubs and restaurants, now they’re treating us like fucking weans again.  Well fuck them, I’m done come and fine me all you want.  

Mate the wee dyke is only doing this to control us.  No other reason now. 

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