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***** Official Scum vs Rangers Match Thread *****

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Anyway let's just do them.  Fuck who can and can't play.  

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1 hour ago, Jamie1387 said:

Think the comments sum Morelos up. He could be the match winner or potentially cost us the game by being stupid. He could well end up never hitting his full potential and it would his own doing.


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Just now, Drumloyal said:

History repeats, initially does well with an inherited squad then as his signings take over, they go off a cliff. 

Tarrier bastards. 

Absolutely mate.

Only a matter of time before he starts throwing his players under the bus and loses the dressing room.

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6 minutes ago, SeparateEntityMyArse said:

BTW I'm fucking delighted. 

But we're 11 games in. Can we keep a lid on things so that next time we drop points, and we will, its not a fucking world ender for some the way it has been recently.

Plenty twists and turns ahead, but we're doing OK.

You, me and every poster on here knows the shit will hit the fan next time we drop points. 


Even if we're 10 clear at the time :lol:

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6 minutes ago, Siam69 said:

Can't wait to Lemon's post match

interview, players threw under the bus again :lol:

‘Forced to play a weakened side...

Devalues the competition....

Let’s call the whole thing off....

Not enough games to count as completed....

Start from scratch next year...

I’ll get Peter to ring someone....’


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1 hour ago, British_Empire said:

Bad day when that’s frowned upon ffs

M8 I'm not frowning on anything, I'm just as bad if not worse tbh believe me , just don't think we should do it on the open part of the forum, anyway fantastic result today, outstanding to be a bear 👍

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Just now, .Williamson. said:

How fucking good does it feel to finally be putting them back in their fucking box again

Up ye you fucking disgusting bastards

Just said that to my son. This feels more like back to the good old days. We do need to follow it up with silverware though. 

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