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The flaw in football covid testing.

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49 minutes ago, Thornliebanktrueblue said:

I work with covid patients so yes I do this at work.  

This isn’t about fear from the media. It’s about trying to prevent spread within our club.  If one player gets it. Gives it to four and we potentially forfeit points.  Then come back and say the celebrations were worth it.  Killie our the cup simply cos their players did not socially distance adequately.  

I’m around covid almost daily so yes I’m careful!!!

I do get where you're coming from mate especially as you'll be seeing some serious cases and how it affects patients and if we're being honest what you say is all true, but as long as football is allowed to be played then there is absolutely no way that you're going to prevent players from celebrating together in a bunch when a goal is scored especially if it's an important one it's just the way it is.

I'm actually surprised that I've not yet heard of players refusing to play because of the danger of bringing this virus home to there family, I know they are tested regularly but that doesn't prevent the chance of catching it as we are presently witnessing.

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16 hours ago, peter huistra said:

If we score against those cunts it would be very hard for the players not to celebrate with each other only human not robots.  

The club has managed this situation we are in brilliantly so far.

It would actually have more effect if they all ran to one area of the park and stood 2m apart and applauded. Would take discipline but would be quite funny. Afterall players are always looking for new celebrations. 

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15 hours ago, Sweetheart said:

I think Scottish football should introduce the wearing of helmets with visors like in American football whilst this virus is around. I do think our club will be doing everything they can to reduce internal transmission risk. The guys celebrating the goals will be tested. 

I've also read about Edouard testing positive he is said to have been feeling ill 2 weeks ago. *fc need to do more to reduce their internal transmission risk especially after Griffiths and Boli.

Not working for American football either. Cam Newton of the Patriots tested positive and didn't play on Monday. Gilmore tested negative prior to Monday's game but has tested positive today.  He was taking to opponents after Monday's game possibly passing on the virus. Just because they test negative once doesn't mean they don't have it.  

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The issue for me is UEFA stating that if you have 13 fit players the game goes ahead.  That could be 12 players from your reserves/U21's and a 45 year old goalie coach and the authorities don't give a fuck, game goes ahead.  OK, that's an extreme example but it's not beyond the bounds of possibility that a club could be without a huge chunk of it's squad over the course of a month or more as players isolate for 14 days then someone else comes down with it and they plus anyone they've had close contact with has to isolate for 14 days.

You could have the same player/s isolating several times over the course of a season and never have them actually test positive just because they've been in close proximity to someone who has tested positive at various points in that season. They wont have any immunity to fall back on so it's back into isolation.

I think internationals should have been binned for the coming season and next years tournament abandoned because it's an unecessary risk mixing players from a dozen or more clubs and flying them across Europe.

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Sure there is some logic to this and a perfectly sensible reason, but why are teams just bumping the games and taking a 3-0 defeat? 

Is there not a form of sense in having your first team squad as a bubble and then your Under 21s/19s training away from them?

If as has been the case in Europe we just took a 3-0 game rather than playing our Under 19's for instance that would seem a bit shit, might as well at least try it. 

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