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People lost the plot after the Hibs game and wanted him sacked.  Since then we’ve been brilliant and beaten Galatasaray and Celtic.  We’re playing brilliant football.  Some of the best football I’ve s

No need for that mate fucking chill and enjoy yer night 🇬🇧🔴⚪️🔵

Need to kick on or like December it will be worth nothing in the long run.  

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Don’t think OF games are the problem, they never have been. 

Like I said before I’ll really start to believe if we go to Kilmarnock and get 3 points. 

The manager though seems more aggressive and focused in all his interviews this season, none of this going mental and screaming into cameras anymore. We as a team look as if we know what we’re doing now and are confident in it. 

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10 hours ago, hammer93 said:

M8....you can be a wee bit hyperbole at times....not in a bad way...I guess you wear your heart on your sleeve....I think we will do it this year for one simple reason...we have the best squad.....look at our bench today....I'm at the stage where I'm confident of anyone coming off the bench and doing a job

It's not hyperbole, yesterday was a big win and I said to myself before the game whoever wins this game is literally favourites for the league. I see a different team this season, mainly due to cutting out individual errors.

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On 18/10/2020 at 12:25, Sparkle said:

English on the bbc in talking sense shocker..

This emphatic win will embolden Gerrard's team. The reality is that Celtic have never been a big issue for him since he came to Scotland. That's never where the damage has been done. He's managed Rangers in eight Old Firm games and it's 4-4 in victories and 8-7 in Rangers' favour in terms of goals. 

They were the better side on Saturday, the better side in December when winning 2-1, and the better side in the League Cup final last year even though they lost. In four of the past five derbies, you could argue that Rangers were the superior side - on the balance of play.

Celtic have not been the problem. It's the others who have tormented them; Kilmarnock, Hamilton, Hearts. This win has added to their momentum and their self-belief. You could see it. 

The lack of crowd fervour was definitely part of it, but on full-time they didn't whoop and holler like they did after their December win, Gerrard didn't scream and shout down the camera lens, there wasn't a great outpouring of emotion after a job well done. 

That's maybe a sign of a maturing team. No over-celebration, no bombast. 

That's 14 games played in all competitions this season with 12 wins, two draws, and 11 clean sheets. Impressive foundations are being built by Gerrard.

They've all grown together as a unit. Tav, Goldson, Barisic, Kent, Kamara etc have all matured and settled along with the manager and his staff. Winning this league would be all the sweeter knowing we've literally built this from scratch and pulled ourselves up our boot laces. We dont need the CL riches to be the best side in Scotland. We've got a family and that's something their super secret giant transfer kitty doesn't buy.

TL;DR Gerrard's the daddy

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