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People lost the plot after the Hibs game and wanted him sacked.  Since then we’ve been brilliant and beaten Galatasaray and Celtic.  We’re playing brilliant football.  Some of the best football I’ve s

No need for that mate fucking chill and enjoy yer night 🇬🇧🔴⚪️🔵

Need to kick on or like December it will be worth nothing in the long run.  

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Gerrards appointment from the word go has divided opinion in here as have the results over 2 and a bit campaigns....everyone is entitled to their own opinions on the guy whether myself or 1000 other posters agree or disagree....for what it's worth I'm in the camp that that all his good slightly outweighs all the bad.....every manager at big clubs are judged on success, unfortunately in Scotland their really are only 2 options....success and failure...I'm sure even the hard core of posters who don't 100% buy into Gerrard still crave for him to succeed 

Today was massive for us as a club.....the first time in 24 years we have won back to back games at the piggery......Gerrard deserves praise for this achievement alone as it quite clearly isn't the easiest thing to achieve 

Let's all enjoy today's victory and what will be will be.....I certainly won't be champing at the bit to get rid of the manager but in the same tone I won't be starting threads of praise for him every time we produce a big performance 

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Don’t often directly comment on the manager .One thing about Gerrard he has shown a continued improvement.Its not at the pace that we would have liked but it’s steady improvement all the time .

That being said I don’t know if anything other than winning this league is going to keep him in the job .

Head to head against the filth we are ahead of them as a team ,Its all about how this side can now go on and pick up 3 points 9 times out of 10.

Cmon Stevie G,get fucked right in and sicken every tarrier cunt on the planet 😁🇬🇧🇬🇧😁

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12 hours ago, Laudrupsleftfoot said:

Where the fuck is @BridgeIsBlueat?

Bump your Gerrard out thread now you moany cunt you


12 hours ago, TMB said:

They were calling Gerrard a “donkey” and ran a poll asking if he should be sacked.  People on here actually said he should be sacked.  They said we would go on to lose against Galatasaray, against Celtic, etc.  All gone quiet now.  

Hopefully our fans realise how much we are improving under Gerrard and get behind him.  We’re improving all the time and we have every chance of winning the league this season.  


12 hours ago, Broxi said:

Even if we have brought ourselves to being equal to them, people still don't realise that still means there's a 50/50 chance we win the league or not. Even if we're a bit better it's still not easy to go on and win. That relies on so many factors such as luck, one goal going in or not going in etc etc. 

The difference is under Warburton and Pedro we just weren't capable of winning anything. Under Gerrard he has made us good enough so that we CAN win things. And this is all still while they have more money, more established players of winners and more leeway for making mistakes in the transfer market. We are absolutely good enough to win the league and cups under Gerrard. Now we just need to get across that line. 

That thread a few weeks ago about the "next 5 games" being decisive about Gerrard, well he's absolutely delivered and then some. Fantastic wins against Galatasaray and at Parkhead 


12 hours ago, Tiger Shaw said:

No need for that mate fucking chill and enjoy yer night 🇬🇧🔴🔵


12 hours ago, G.E.C. said:

Forums obsessed with BIB man 😂 


12 hours ago, TamCoopz said:

Just won what is a huge game and folk clambering to get thread started to call out other posters, I’m sure bib is delighted to be wrong about anything bad he’s said about Gerrard 😂


12 hours ago, Laudrupsleftfoot said:

You can be sure as fuck he'd be all over this place bumping his polls and threads had we lost today.


12 hours ago, Broxi said:

Don't have anything against him and like a bunch of what he posts but his anti-Gerrard and pre-match moanings every week are over the top along with a select few others 


12 hours ago, Essandoh said:

Och geez peace with that mate. I struggle to find most things he’s apparently said wrong. He’s been bang on more times than most and even then fuck me who hasn’t said something then Rangers have smashed it out the park? 

He’s clearly as much of a Bear than you or I, any criticism of Gerrard is made in a love for Rangers. You call it negativity, I call it being cautious consider how many times we’ve been stung since 2012.

Filip Helander is our best player.


12 hours ago, TMB said:

So it’s okay to slate Gerrard after we drop points (due to an offside goal) but we can’t praise him when he proves his doubters wrong? Okay, makes sense.


12 hours ago, McEwan's Lager said:

Doubters haven't really been proven wrong though. Since he's come in, until today, its been 50/50 in terms of OF results. He's now 4 wins in 7? Games against them have not been where it's been going wrong. It's against teams like Kilmarnock, Hamilton and Hearts in the January to March period that has been killing us.

Anyway, again, why do we have to go over this today. We won. Give us peace.


12 hours ago, Laudrupsleftfoot said:

I'm sure he is. But he'd be the first on here if he wasn't.

So get to fuck with the martyrdom.

Absolutely fuck all wrong with giving him a bit back when he and those who agreed with him were wrong.


12 hours ago, Rangers_no1 said:

Whats hilarious is @BridgeIsBlue was slated as it was apparently one bad game against Hibs.

Now he and the other doubters have been proved wrong on the basis of one win today? 

Aye awrite...

BIB will be loving this victory just like the rest of us, if you believe otherwise you're a clown in my view.


11 hours ago, Laudrupsleftfoot said:

That's the fucking point though, isn't it.

If you can give the whole "Gerrard knows fuck all, bring in GVB" after a 2-2 draw against Hibs you can expect the same back from people who back him when we've just dominated the fenians in their own shitehole without the cunts laying a finger on us.

Neither game in isolation matters when all that matters is we win the league at the end of the season.


11 hours ago, McEwan's Lager said:


I love how people assume that because we won today, those of us who are sceptical about the Manager must be sitting at home disappointed in a rage. 

I fucking desperately want to be wrong.


11 hours ago, Tiger Shaw said:

Wasn’t just a 2-2 draw with hibs though was it, it was two season with out a trophy and countless dropped points against shite. We’ve been here before with Gerrard we’ve got killie away coming up soon let’s see where we sit after that.


11 hours ago, Laudrupsleftfoot said:

For clarity, I've no doubt that every Rangers supporter wants us to win every game.

But like I said to someone else, spare the fucking martyrdom.

@BridgeIsBlue has anointed himself as the leader of the Gerrard out club on here by his sheer number of posts on the matter. He wants him sacked right now because he's convinced we won't win anything with him.

So when we've just destroyed celtic in their own dump, sit top of the league unbeaten, and are yet again in the Europa league group stages beating some decent sides along the way, you can surely to fuck forgive anyone who supports Gerrard having a pop at him.

Fwiw I don't regret anything I've said about the manager as we've been down this road before, winning the first derby game of the season will hopefully be a massive boost for us moving forward,but I've already stated that we've never had much bother playing against them which makes our failures of the past two seasons all the more frustrating. 

All these posts calling me out can come back to me after the league cup is finished to see where we are by then, if things go hunky dorey between now and the end of the season I'll be the first cunt on here all singing and dancing. 

Enjoy the win and rub it in as much of their faces as humanly possible. 

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2 hours ago, British_Empire said:

we're winning the league imo

M8....you can be a wee bit hyperbole at times....not in a bad way...I guess you wear your heart on your sleeve....I think we will do it this year for one simple reason...we have the best squad.....look at our bench today....I'm at the stage where I'm confident of anyone coming off the bench and doing a job

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I hope he leaves for Liverpool one day because it’ll mean he’s been a success here. I’d imagine it’s what he ultimately wants and it’s what he deserves - the man is an absolute credit to himself and this club. 

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7 hours ago, SeparateEntityMyArse said:

We've played 11 games, 6 aways. They've included the sheep, livi, Hamilton, motherwell, hivs and the scum - so a right hard batch of fixtures against the top teams and some dodgy surfaces.

Played 11, 27 points, only 3 goals conceded, currently 4 points clear.

We are on a run in the league ffs. Look at the above stats. Yes previous seasons failures hurt, but ffs accept the improvement and get fully behind the manager and players. They absolutely fucking deserve it this season.


I stated there was progress in the post.

I am simply not getting carried away, because we’ve been here before.

At no point did I say I wasn’t backing the manager or players.

However the progress is limited if we don’t pick up full points against a Livingston of whatever.

We’ll soon see if our mentality or ability has changed against the shite in the league.

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