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*****The Official Standard Liège v Rangers Match Thread*****

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16 minutes ago, Rangers_no1 said:

Our CL away group record is played 30 - won 4, drew 10 and lost 16

Our EL away group record is played 10 - won 2, drew 4 and lost 4

On paper 6 wins from 40 looks pretty bad, but a lot of strong sides we have faced over the years. A few of those draws were great results IMO. Record probably should be a bit better, but it's not terrible.

Away ties in these tournaments are hardly ever straight forward.

Yeah, I think compare that with Celtic who have only won 4 in 48.

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Watching this again and again. 

Excellent win away from home against a decent team. Wonder goal to top it off. Now hopefully they dirty child raping terrorist loving cunts get well and truly fucked tonight. 

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57 minutes ago, VentyFour said:

They seem a typical Euro team - high pressing, 433, technically good and quick getting the ball forward. 

They do look pretty lightweight and susceptible to losing goals at set plays. These are the type of teams we do well against with our Euro style, added with our strength and set plays we can win this. 

Apparently unbeaten at home in 6 years.

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We’re getting better, and better.  I wasn’t on the hype train when Gerrard first signed.  Let me tell you, I’m on board now.  I think this team is very good and games like tonight against European opposition is when we’ll see something special.  Those results against Willem ii and Galatasaray just to get here were excellent.  We don’t need to worry about anyone in this group.  

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