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*****The Official Standard Liège v Rangers Match Thread*****

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Watching this again and again. 

Excellent win away from home against a decent team. Wonder goal to top it off. Now hopefully they dirty child raping terrorist loving cunts get well and truly fucked tonight. 

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2 minutes ago, AdzKyle said:

Needs to learn when to shut up though. He’s forever screaming at refs. It was a handball but they missed and it was half time. Just get in and regroup. 

I know mate but imo sometimes you have to make sure the ref knows he fucked up, make him more vigilant for that sort of shady shit. 

Hope we come out in the 2nd half and put this to bed. 

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2 minutes ago, DBBTB said:

Morelos just isn’t at the races atm is he? Guy needs to seriously buck his ideas up. He didn’t get his move and he obviously wanted it but football is a what have you done for me lately business and if he continues playing like this then teams aren’t going to come back in for him.

This 100% and been saying same. If he is looking to impress for a move he has to prove his worth. At the moment he's looking not worth even £250K if he  keeps going the way he is. 

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4 minutes ago, SeparateEntityMyArse said:

Front 3 poor tbh.

2 of them not had many touches, Morelos a few but too many of them losing possession.

And why the fuck did he not shoot 😡

A confident fully firing Morelos takes a touch and buries it.

He looks like his head has gone in all honesty.

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