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*****The Official Standard Liège v Rangers Match Thread*****

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Watching this again and again. 

Excellent win away from home against a decent team. Wonder goal to top it off. Now hopefully they dirty child raping terrorist loving cunts get well and truly fucked tonight. 

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1 minute ago, andyhrfc said:

It is the best goal ever.  Look at how he controlled the all in atrocious conditions and shrugged off three Liege players before he launched it.

I imagine @British_Empire’s been to a considerable amount of games in his time, so it’s quite an achievement :lol: 

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19 minutes ago, Blue Avenger said:

I'm now seeing a team that has character and the self belief to win things.

Great options all over the park. Backing one another up. Some of the movement is just breathtaking.

We are showing some steel in our spine. Teams are struggling with us.

Then look at Bassey. Different from Barisic, but what a fucking option. He's a player!

Tav has turned a big corner for me and even better when he was at his best a few years ago.

Team is clicking. This was no easy fixture tonight, but for me there was only going to be one winner. Should have been four.

Think this is now a team that have greatness in them. Credit to Gerrard, he has moulded this and I think many of us were having doubts, but these results and performances since our early blip have been awesome. Just shows why none of us are managers, but we do have high expectations every game. It's what we were brought up on.

I don't disagree with any of that. Time will tell, we need to show consistency

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Just now, andyhrfc said:

Well I’ve been going since 1970 and seen a few classics but all round it is the best.


Jealous of those few bears over there who were able to watch it in person :boobs:

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