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Would you take any of their players?

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Before the last 3 games against them the record have asked all their sports journalists for a score prediction. Every time the fat prick gordon parks has went for a comfortable celtic win, stating that they have better players in every area. The evidence of the games themselves would contradict that, but still fat boy comes with this pish every time. Its as if, like a lot of journalists, he cant see past them and believe the evidence of his own eyes. Mcgregor is a good player as are christie and eduord but no one else would get in our team at the minute.

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McGregor, Forrest, Christie and Eduoard are all good players.  If Griffiths ever get's fit and on form again he's very dangerous and a good finisher but fuck having him anywhere near us. Even hyp

There are two reasons why we could fail to win the title. I still think these will be the most important factors, effectively taking it out of our control unless we win all 4 old firms. 1. Every

Their new keeper because he's "elite"  The weird wee left back because he's in the top 10 in the world.  Ajer because it would be silly not to get him in before he ends up at Real Madrid or

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39 minutes ago, G.E.C. said:

N’tcham was another good player under Rodgers as well but it appears he can’t be fucked with Scottish football anymore and is downed tools.

😂He always reminds me of spike out the gremlins. 😂😂Fuck knows why but a always see it



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Just now, psb07158 said:

Callum McGregor in a heartbeat he's basically the midfielder the majority of this board have been wanting us to sign for years now

Nobody else. 

The lad is a natural play-and-move type of player who probably wished he played in a team set up like ours alongside Kamara and Davis. Which means he was gutted yesterday on two counts, which is nice :lol:

Forrest is grossly overrated, Christie is great when they’re winning but disappears when they’re under the cosh, N’tcham and Edouard want to be elsewhere, Klimala will be gone next window, we couldn’t afford the 40m for Ajer and Brown will chuck it at the end of the season.

Misfits, morons and mankies - not one a guaranteed starter at Ibrox.

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Before yesterday it woulda been magregor.
After 14.15 pm he can fuck off.
The shot where Ryan Kent run nearly 50 yards with his hand up looking for that sublime ball from Borna and that big prick OOyah stuck out a heel,and the ball went for a corner,that ball coulda went anywhere the jammy prick.
Watch magregor chuckin it nearly 20 yards behind Ryan.
Surrender monkeys have NO PLACE in that team we put out yesterday. 

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As a starter, mcgregor. I think they've declined massively since Lennon came in and we've got better.  

edouard really hasn't looked that good this season and although he's not scoring goals Alfredo is still contributing. I'd have Alfredo still. 

christie is a good player but i'd honestly not replace any of our current 3 or jack/aribo for him. 

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