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Browns sneaky elbow on Barisic

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Why does Brown still live rent free in so many of our supporters head? 

There’s a proportion of Rangers fans that have never seen us win anything, or are too young to have really celebrated it.  Sadly, and this won’t be popular, they’ve a bit of a diddy club mentalit

Just pointing our the hypocrisy and the way that cunt gets away with murder for years but a clip round the ear is violent conduct to the fannies in this country. 

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Just now, SeparateEntityMyArse said:

Seems we're to not highlight incidents against our players now, and especially not name names if its you know who doing the offending 🙄

Don’t think it’s a criticism of the OP, as his point is valid. There’s some that are happier to GIRUY Brown than winning games.

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2 minutes ago, Dado'sMulls said:

Still see some Bears talking about this mythical midfielder who's gonna come in and sort Brown out, when the reality is he's been chasing Glen Kamara's shadow and made to look the mug he is for the last 2 years.


The kind of 'sorted out' I prefer to see. 

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